• Adoor Gopalakrishnan – Naalu Pennungal (2007)

    2001-2010Adoor GopalakrishnanDramaIndia
    Naalu Pennungal (2007)
    Naalu Pennungal (2007)

    A drama centered around four women at Kuttanad in Kerala’s Alappuzha district.Read More »

  • Adoor Gopalakrishnan – Mukhamukham AKA Face to Face (1985)

    Adoor Gopalakrishnan1981-1990ArthouseIndiaPolitics
    Mukhamukham (1985)
    Mukhamukham (1985)

    Mukhamukham arouse controversy as the theme of the film was the degeneration of leftist politics and came under attack from the leftist parties of Kerala.

    “Even before it was released there were rumours that it was an anti-communist film. When it was released, it was criticized as anti-communist. I think it has something to do with film literacy. We are not able to react to a film naturally. Instead we are aghast that a communist drinks alcohol and we pick on that. That is not the way to approach a work of art.” – AdoorRead More »

  • Adoor Gopalakrishnan – Swayamvaram AKA One’s Own Choice (1972)

    1971-1980Adoor GopalakrishnanArthouseDramaIndia

    Swayamvaram is a Malayalam feature film written and directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Critically acclaimed upon release, the film marked Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s debut in feature film. The film starkly portrayed the middle class angst of the post-Nehruvian society and the transition of Kerala’s middle class into a modernist society. Although the economic and social crises of the middle class is pervasive in the film, the emphasis is on the existential problems at an ontological plain. This film marked a transition in Malayalam film aesthetic as it was the first break with social realism and an attempt to come to terms with the disillusionment in ideologies.Read More »

  • Don Palathara – 1956, Central Travancore (2019)

    Drama2011-2020ArthouseDon PalatharaIndia

    Kora and his brother Onan gather four men to go on a gaur hunt in order to make some quick money. Their journey progresses through their dreams, desires, fears, fantasies and struggles.Distanced from their families and loved ones, sharing stories help them remember and appreciate their inescapable pasts and make bonds. When the real and imagined nature turn out to be larger than their will and strength could handle, they learn the harsh realities of the endeavor they have taken up.Read More »

  • Govindan Aravindan – Kanchana Sita AKA Golden Sita (1977)

    1971-1980ArthouseExperimentalGovindan AravindanIndia

    The film interprets a story from the Uttara Kanda of the epic poem Ramayana, where Rama sends his wife, Sita, to the jungle to satisfy his subjects. Sita is never actually seen in the film, but her virtual presence is compellingly evoked in the moods of the forest and the elements. The film retells the epic from a feminist perspective, and is about the tragedy of power and the sacrifices that adherence to dharma demands, including abandoning a chaste wife.Read More »

  • Govindan Aravindan – Thampu AKA The Circus Tent (1978)

    1971-1980ArthouseExperimentalGovindan AravindanIndia

    Aravindan’s finest b&w film chronicles three days with a circus in a small town in Kerala. A series of high-angle shots, as the circus drives into its new location, introduce us to the village. Several sequences use a remarkable quasi-documentary effect combined with minutely choreographed action e.g. the sunset as the manager (Gopi) directs the raising of the big top. The episodic film tells of a soldier who befriends the circus strong man in a toddy bar and shows how the bizarre characters from the circus including the dwarf merge with the local populace.Read More »

  • Adoor Gopalakrishnan – Kodiyettam (1977)

    1971-1980Adoor GopalakrishnanArthouseDramaIndia

    Adoor’s second feature film made five years after Swayamvaram achieved commercial success in Kerala, while reaching an artistic height.

    Its structure is that of a festival in a village temple. I wanted to create an intimate experience of everyday rural life. It is structured in such a way as to look natural, as if there are no outside interventions. During the course of the film, the festival comes full circle, parallel to it is the inner development of the character as well.Read More »

  • Govindan Aravindan – Chidambaram (1985)

    1981-1990AsianClassicsGovindan AravindanIndia

    Chidambaram (Malayalam) is a 1985 Malayalam film written, directed and produced by G. Aravindan. It is the film adaptation of a short story by C. V. Sreeraman.The film explores various aspects of relations between men and women through the lives of three people living in a cattle farm. Themes of guilt and redemption are also dealt with. Bharath Gopi, Smita Patil, Sreenivasan and Mohan Das play the lead roles. It won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film and five Kerala State Film Awards including Best Film and Best Direction.Read More »

  • Murali Nair – Marana Simhasanam AKA Throne of Death (1999)

    1991-2000DramaIndiaMurali Nair

    When Krishnan, a poor Indian laborer, is caught stealing a landowner’s coconuts to feed his family, he becomes a poster boy for various political parties all jockeying for position in local elections. When the party in power frames him for an unsolved murder in order to gain support, Krishnan faces the death penalty. Enter the “throne of death,” the electric chair. The film’s satire intensifies as the rival Communist party takes up Krishnan’s cause, not to win his freedom, but to secure for Krishnan the noble privilege of being the first to experience the glorious, peaceful death afforded by the new American invention.Read More »

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