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Theodoros Angelopoulos – Taxidi sta Kythira AKA Voyage to Cythera (1984)

Spyros (Manos Katrakis), a political refugee, returns to his homeland in his old age after many years in exile. His return is thorny, as even his wife (Ntora Volanaki) is like a stranger to him. Spyros no longer belongs to his society or his land; he is a man without nationality whose heart beats in the past, an Ulysseus who returns to a home that no longer exists. Read More »

Theodoros Angelopoulos – Taxidi sta Kythira aka A Voyage to Cythera (censored version) (1984)

From Strictly Film School:
A pensive, middle-aged filmmaker named Alexander (Giulio Brogi, but whose voice was dubbed in Greek by Theo Angelopoulos) on a shooting break from the filming of a semi-autobiographical feature that explores the plight of returning political refugees during the general amnesty of the 1970s, encounters a gaunt, yet ennobled old man selling lavender at a kafeneon (a village cafeteria and lounge). Captivated by the humble vendor who perhaps bears a resemblance to his own absent father, Alexander follows the old man into the mist. Does Alexander, the abandoned son, believe this man to be his father, or does he, the director, envision this frail elder to be the ideal embodiment of the aging partisan (a part that he has been unable to cast) for his film? Reality becomes obscured in the metaphor of the enveloping fog. Read More »

Yorgos Tzavellas – Antigoni AKA Antigone (1961)

King Oedipus, the ruler of Thebes, blinds himself after learning that he inadvertently killed his own father, and got married to his mother. From this unholy union, Oedipus had four children: two sons, Eteocles and Polynices, and two daughters, Ismene and Antigone. After a tragic clash between brothers for the throne, the new monarch of Thebes, Creon, decrees that the body of the traitorous Polynices should be left unburied–a royal order which Antigone chooses to defy. Now, a cruel fate awaits the rebellious woman in the castle’s cold and dank dungeons, as Apollo’s blind prophet, Tiresias, warns the king of the Gods’ wrath. Alas, an irreversible chain of events is already set in motion. Read More »

Dinos Dimopoulos – Kontserto gia polyvola (1967)


Athens, right before the beginning of WW2. Niki, an employee of the General Army HQ, is
accused of giving classified documents to an Italian agent. She is blackmailed with threats about her brother’s life who is studying in Italy. She makes no effort to defend herself and doesn’t care if she gets convicted to death sentence, but she accepts the cooperation of General Dareios, to keep giving army documents to the Italians only these documents are falsified to deceive the enemy. A Greek captain, named Theodorou, gets involved in the case. He is in love with Niki. He gets arrested and accused for stealing the documents and is sent to martial court, where he is sentenced to death penalty…. Read More »