Marcel Hanoun

  • Marcel Hanoun – La vérité sur l’imaginaire passion d’un inconnu (1974)

    1971-1980DramaFranceMarcel Hanoun

    A very personal interpretation, to say the least, of the passion of the Christ According to St. John. (imdb)Read More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – Octobre à Madrid AKA October in Madrid (1967)

    1961-1970DocumentaryExploitationFranceMarcel Hanoun

    Initially a made-to-order documentary on Spain, the film becomes an open-ended work-in-the-making about the creative process. “Settling in the Spanish capital to make a documentary, Hanoun sketches out for us the different steps involved in making a film. The author turns his hesitations, his doubts and difficult working conditions into the constituents of his work”.Read More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – Les amants de Sarajevo AKA Lovers of Sarajevo (1994)

    1951-1960FranceMarcel HanounShort Film

    Film-poem in homage to this young Bosnian couple killed on the Freedom Bridge in the summer of 1993 by an anonymous gunman as they fled besieged Sarajevo.Read More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – L’automne (1972)

    Marcel Hanoun1971-1980ArthouseExperimentalFrance

    Synopsis: Julien, a movie director, is on the phase of editing his new film, “Juliette sacrifiée”. Hurried by his producer, he asks for the help of a professional editor. It is Anne, with whom Julien is soon falling in love. During the whole of the movie, both are sitting in front of the editing table, where they listen to music, talk about politics and what movies should and should not be about, make love, and finally end up editing the film as was planned.Read More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – L’été (1968)

    Marcel Hanoun1961-1970ArthouseExperimentalFranceThe Films of May '68

    After the event of May1968, a young woman shelters in the country, in a house where she waits for her partner.

    “…‘Who creates? And for whom?’ What is important is that Hanoun does not answer these questions in a grandiloquent way. On the contrary, far from showing a series of dramatic actions, he focuses on the in-between moments in the life of his beautiful young protagonist. He plays with fragments of the scene, reframing the image, using frames (doors, windows, a mirror as a tableau vivant) and all of this confronts the viewer with a sort of catalog of repetitive acts, where drama and character development are absent.Read More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – Le printemps (1971)

    1971-1980ArthouseExperimentalFranceMarcel Hanoun

    One could only enumerate the elements to let the film tell itself. And this is besides one possible purpose of Hanoun here. Just let things communicate between themselves without the coercition of usual continuums (space and time) and let’s see and feel what happens. Yet there are clues given, relations but they are separated when one could await a close editing and vice versa. There seems to have two worlds, cinematographic worlds I mean : B&W and colour and things circulate from one world to another, people too…

    But let’s just enumerateRead More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – L’hiver (1969)

    Marcel Hanoun1961-1970ArthouseExperimentalFrance

    Julien et son preneur de son, Michel, tournent à Bruges un documentaire de commande. Julien rêve au film qu’il pourrait tourner dans cette ville mystérieuse: une adaptation de Shakespeare ou de Musset. Le rejoint bientôt Sophie, sa femme, ancienne comédienne, qui souffre de la distance que Julien semble mettre dans leurs rapports. Bientôt, à une exposition de peinture, elle rencontre un artiste qu’elle voit sous les traits de Julien et qui l’invite à venir visiter Florence. Elle confie à Michel ses tourments. Julien, de son côté, vient d’accepter la proposition de son producteur: réaliser une “histoire” avec des “personnages” et, pourquoi pas, des “vedettes”… Alors qu’elle semblait décidée à suivre l’inconnu, Sophie se jette dans les bras de Julien. Le metteur en scène qui tourne un film intitulé “L’hiver” demande une nouvelle prise. Pour la seconde fois, Sophie se jette dans les bras de Julien. Le peintre inconnu s’en va…
    © Fiches du CinémaRead More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – Une simple histoire AKA A Simple Story (1959)

    Drama1951-1960FranceMarcel Hanoun

    A woman arrives in Paris with her little girl to look for work. With limited funds and no luck, they end up penniless, homeless and dependent on the rare kindness of strangers.Read More »

  • Marcel Hanoun – Un film (autoportrait) (1985)

    1981-1990DocumentaryExperimentalFranceMarcel Hanoun

    The shooting diary of a film shot in France and in the United States. Using photos of Paris and of New York City, excerpts of his former films, statements by friends of his and shooting sequences of the film itself, tormented filmmaker Marcel Hanoun has made a heterogeneous and unclassifiable film about the difficulty of filming.Read More »

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