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Sidney Hayers – Night of the Eagle AKA Burn, Witch, Burn (1962)

Norman Taylor, a psychology professor lecturing in belief and superstition, discovers that his wife Tansy is a practicing witch. She is insistent that her charms have been responsible for his academic success. Read More »

Leslie Arliss – A Man About the House (1947)

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Agnes and Ellen Isit, two poor English sisters, unexpectedly inherit from their uncle a rich estate near Naples, complete with big villa and manly Italian majordomo. The latter, Salvatore, makes use of his Latin charm to seduce Agnes, who soon turns from prim spinster to passionate lover. Ellen observes the romance with amusement first before realizing how little considerate Salvatore becomes after marrying Agnes. Worse, Agnes’s health starts deteriorating. Worried about her sister, she contacts Dr. Ben Dench, a family friend… Read More »

Michael Truman – Touch and Go (1955)


Plot: Touch and Go stars Jack Hawkins as the head of a British family who decides to kick over
the traces and emigrate to Australia. No one in the family, least of all wife Margaret Johnston, is
enthused over this move, but they prepare themselves with dignity. As the technical and legal obstacles
preventing their move begin to mount, even Hawkins has second thoughts about hitching his star Down Under.
Since no one behaves very believably in the film, Touch and Go rises and falls on its individual comic
sequences, some of which are quite good. The title Touch and Go has been used so often that when the
film was released in the US, it was retitled The Light Touch. Read More »