Mario Camerini

  • Mario Camerini – Una storia d’amore aka A love story (1942)

    John, workman and good guy, marries Anna, despite her dubious past. The past returns in the person of a scoundrel who blackmails her. She shoots. Sentenced to ten years. In prison she gives birth to a girl.
    Last movie starring A. Noris with M. Camerini, her husband from two years. A quiet melodrama that tilts toward intimism and deepening of the female character.
    At the origin there is the drama “Life Begins” by Mary Dougal Axelson, on which in Hollywood had already been based “Life Begins” (1932) with Loretta Young and “A Child Is Born” (1939) with Geraldine Fitzgerald, both produced by Warner.
    (Morandini)Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – Crimen aka …And Suddenly It’s Murder! (1960)

    Five people, all united by the fact of being on a train to Monte Carlo, will find themselves being involved in the murder of an elderly millionaire of Dutch origin, a regular guest of the glamorous Riviera location….Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – Ulisse AKA Ulysses (1954)

    In the ancient Greek city of Ithaca, many impatiently await the return of their king Ulysses and his warriors from the Trojan War. Among these, Ulysses’ devoted wife Penelope and his grown son Telemachus. But Ulysses’ return is not eagerly awaited by everyone, especially by his enemies. They openly court Penelope and ask her to give her husband up for dead and re-marry one of the rowdy suitors who have taken up residence in her home since her husband’s departure.Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – Don Camillo e i Giovani D’Oggi AKA Don Camillo and the Young of Today (1972)

    Brief synopsis
    Mayor Peppone might very well lose the elections and Don Camillo makes sure that the mayor’s delinquent son gets his act together while his own niece makes Peppone think she is pregnant by his son.Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – I grandi magazzini aka Department Store (1939)


    Romance between a saleswoman and a driver of the Department Store. Charged with a petty theft, she is blackmailed by the chief of staff to enjoy her favors, but the driver, after doubting her, discovers the real culprits.Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – Il Cappello a tre punte aka Three Cornered Hat (1934)



    Also known as Three-Cornered Hat, this Italian comedy is based on a Spanish folk tale, which had previously been adapted as a ballet by Manuel de Filla. Director Mario Camerini and his team of screenwriters have refashioned the material as a vehicle for the popular De Filipo brothers, Peppino and Eduardo. The story is a mistaken-identity affair, predicated on the fact that a pompous governor is the exact look-alike of a poor miller. Much of the fun is derived from the efforts to pass off the miller’s homely wife as the governor’s gorgeous spouse. Described by one Mario Camerini devotee as “pretty, noisy and accomplished,” ‘Il Cappell a Tre Punte’ was filmed in 1934, and released in the U.S. two years later.Read More »

  • Mario Camerini – Gli Uomini, che mascalzoni! AKA What Scoundrels Men Are! (1932)

    This delightful romantic comedy, had it been made in America during this same period might have featured Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur and might have been directed by Gregory La Cava.
    It gives us a Vittorio De Sica as a chauffeur, Bruno, who passes himself off as a man of importance by offering Mariuccia (Lia Franca) a ride in the car which he passes off as his own. She is the daughter of taxi driver Cesare Zoppetti. From the city of Milan they go off to the country for, spending some time at an inn, enjoying each other’s company. Bruno romances her with the song “Parlami d’amore, Mariù” or “Talk Love to Me, Mariuccia” by Cesare A. Bixio, which made the Italian hit parade of the time.Read More »

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