Marjorie Rambeau

  • Nick Grinde – Sudden Money (1939)

    Nick Grinde1931-1940ComedyDramaUSA
    Sudden Money (1939)
    Sudden Money (1939)

    Promises of happier times dawn for the financially distressed Patterson family when father Sweeney and brother-in-law Archibald “Doc” Finney win a $150,000 grand prize in the sweepstakes contest. With their windfall, each member of the family decides to pursue a dream. Drummer Sweeney reorganizes his old high school ragtime band, while Doc bankrolls his own horse betting system. Mother Elsie, who won an art contest in high school, takes up the easel and paint brush, while daughter Mary enrolls in finishing school in hopes of snagging a rich husband, and Junior is shipped off to military school. Grandpa Casey Patterson, meanwhile, thinks that the whole brood has taken leave of their senses. Clouds begin to darken the family’s dreams when Sweeney hires the comely Yolo to spice up his band, and Mr. Jordan, the wealthy father of Mary’s suitor, Johnny Jordan, pays a surprise visit to the family and is shocked to find Yolo balancing on Sweeney’s back.Read More »

  • John Ford – Tobacco Road (1941)

    1941-1950ComedyDramaJohn FordUSA

    Shiftless Jeeter Lester (Charley Grapewin) and his family of hillbilly stereotypes live in a rural backwater where their ancestors were once wealthy planters. Their slapstick existence is threatened by a bank’s plans to take over the land for more profitable farming; subplots involve the affairs and marriages of son Dude (William Tracy) and daughter Ellie May (Gene Tierney).Read More »

  • Frank Borzage – Man’s Castle (1933)

    1931-1940DramaFrank BorzageRomanceUSA

    Even though its release date in 1933 pre-dated the most rigorous version of Hollywood’s Production Code,Man’s Castle still ran into censorship problems over such material as a man and woman skinny-dipping, and an unmarried pregnancy. Cuts were made to the original print even before the film came out, and still more for a 1938 re-release. Director Frank Borzage was at the height of his career, and Spencer Tracy on the verge of becoming a major star, but the controversy surrounding Man’s Castle seemed to affect its box office appeal, and it faded into obscurity.Read More »

  • Tay Garnett – Her Man (1930)

    1921-1930ComedyRomanceTay GarnettUSA

    A Havana prostitute (Helen Twelvetrees) with a sadistic “protector” (Ricardo Cortez) falls for a young sailor (Phillips Holmes).Read More »

  • Henry Koster – A Man Called Peter (1955)

    Drama1951-1960ClassicsHenry KosterUSA

    Based on the true story of a young Scottish lad, Peter Marshall, who dreams of only going to sea but finds out there is a different future for him when he receives a “calling” from God to be a minister. He leaves Scotland and goes to America where after a few small congregations he lands the position of pastor of the Church of the Presidents in Washington, D.C. and eventually he becomes Chaplain of the U.S. Senate.Read More »

  • Alfred E. Green – East of the River (1940)

    1931-1940Alfred E. GreenCrimeDramaUSA

    Troubled youths Joe and Nick Lorenzo grow into very different men: Joe a small-time hoodlum and Nick an honored college graduate. When Nick falls for Joe’s girl Laurie, trouble erupts between the two men and also with the gang that has it in for Joe.Read More »

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