Martine Carol

  • Alberto Lattuada – La spiaggia aka The Boarder (1954)

    Alberto Lattuada1951-1960ComedyDramaItaly

    Summer 1953. Determined to go to Liguria with her little daughter Caterina for a short vacation, Anna Maria Mentorsi (who is in fact a prostitute), on the train that leads to the Riviera, is convinced by a nice gentleman (who later turns out to be the mayor of Pontorno) to not get off at Terrazzi, as she was going to do at first, but to stay indeed in the town of Pontorno.
    Believed to be a respectable widow, she’s at first accepted by the good society, by the other guests of the Hotel Palace and its beach-goers, but when turns out her job, the void is created around her.
    The mayor Silvio tries to help, but has not enough power to counter the hypocrisy and respectability.
    The only solution for Anna Maria seems to be linked to the local billionaire Chiastrino, envied and flattered by all.Read More »

  • Preston Sturges – Les carnets du Major Thompson AKA The French, They Are a Funny Race (1955)

    1951-1960ComedyCultFrancePreston Sturges

    Major Thompson, an Englishman living in France, comments in his memoirs on the peculiarities of his French wife and friends.Read More »

  • Christian-Jaque – Adorables créatures (1952)


    Erotic diary of a young bridegroom who, just out of church, swears eternal love to his wife (A. Lualdi), naive, but not too much. Meanwhile, we go through his previous experiences: adulterous wife (D. Darrieux), luxury cocotte (Carol M.), widowed millionaire (E. Feuillère).
    Written by Charles Spaak and Jacques Companeez, it is a libel against women in form of hilarious, smiling and amiable comedy, but imbued with poisons. An episodic film cleverly disguised. The underlying cynicism melts in foam of champagne.
    (Morandini)Read More »

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