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Masahiro Shinoda – Shamisen to ootobai aka Love New and Old (1961)

A woman brings her injured daughter to the hospital, only to realize that the doctor is the estranged father of her child. Directed by Masahiro Shinoda. Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Akuryo-To AKA Island of the Evil Spirits (1981)

Famous detective Kosuke Kindaichi follows a dying man’s words to an enigmatic island, where he meets beautiful twin sisters and tragic events unfold. Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Akane-gumo AKA Clouds at Sunset (1967)

A Japanese soldier Tsutomu Yamazki deserts his position and travels to a small town on the Sea of Japan to start over in this melodrama from director Shinoda Masahiro. When a young maid falls for him, he talks her into sleeping with an older man for money. The woman is told by a Geisha Mayumi Ogawa that she gave up her virginity cheaply. The resort town begins to feel the influence of the modern world as the sabre-rattling that preceded World War II begins to change their lives forever. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Yasha-ga-ike AKA Demon Pond (1979)

Outside of a small village in Japan, a mysterious pond is inhabited by mythic creatures. Their story is of revenge, tragedy, and the power of real love. A classical tale which translates wonderfully to film. Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Yûhi ni akai ore no kao AKA Killers On Parade (1961)

Mod-sixties visuals and black humor mark this wild New Wave masterpiece about a vengeful contractor who hires a series of young killers to target a woman muckraker. Trouble brews when an amateur marksman shows up his eclectic competition. Directed from a script by Shuji Terayama, Shinoda’s colorful showcase of action (and unexpected song!) has been compared to a pastiche of Pierrot le Fou and Kubrick’s The Killing. —NYFF 2010 Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Yari no gonza aka Gonza the Spearman (1986)

A lancer falls into disgrace when his social ambitions lead him to become engaged to two different women.

LEAD: Don’t be put off by the title. ”Gonza the Spearman” is not an Eastern western. Masahiro Shinoda’s stately work, which opens the Public Theater’s Autumn in Japan series today, has few duels and only a gout or two of blood. Instead, it is filled with historical imagination, social comment and restrained passion, along with scene after elegantly composed scene of a culture that seems to have been paralyzed in a spare beauty. Read More »

Masahiro Shinoda – Chinmoku AKA Silence (1971)

Two Jesuit priests encounter persecution when they travel to Japan in the 17th century to spread Christianity and to locate their mentor. Read More »