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Yûzô Kawashima – Gan no tera AKA The Temple of Wild Geese (1962)

Satoko is a mistress by trade, or fate: when her master, the silkscreen artist of the Kohoan Temple in Kyoto, dies, she is given to the temple’s lascivious head priest Kikuchi. She is drawn to a melancholy young acolyte, Jinen, who has observed the profligacy of his cruel master and Satoko’s utter dependence on the man. Jinen is both fascinated and disturbed by Satoko’s interest in him; he is similarly caught between loathing of Kikuchi and of the dark circumstances of his birth and his own moral weakness. The story unfolds in a dreamlike manner, a flashback inspired by a now-infamous image on a silkscreen in the souvenir shop at the so-called Temple of the Wild Geese. Read More »

Sadatsugu Matsuda – Umon Torimonocho Benitokage AKA Case of Umon: The Red Lizard (1962)

Umon goes on an investigation to unveil the murderer known as Red Lizard. Read More »