Massimo Foschi

  • Sergio Sollima – La tigre è ancora viva: Sandokan alla riscossa! (1977)

    Following on from the successful television adaptation of Sandokan in 1976, a year later Kabir Bedi gave life to the big screen incarnation in this Sergio Sollima-directed film.Read More »

  • Vittorio Cottafavi – I persiani (1975)

    Cottafavi’s adaptation of Aeschylus’ play.

    Michael Billington wrote:
    The Persians is the oldest surviving work of Western drama. First performed at the City Dionysia in 472 BC, The Persians takes a nuanced approach to the matter of war and conquest. It was a direct inspiration for the French national anthem, ‘La Marseillaise’. Percy Shelley’s drama Hellas was written in response to it. It’s the only play from the classical era that deals with historical events rather than mythological ones. In short, The Persians is a fascinating play and Aeschylus’ handling of war is worthy of closer inspection and analysis.Read More »

  • Luigi Lo Cascio – La città ideale AKA The Ideal City (2012)

    Michele Grassadonia is a fervent environmentalist. A long time ago, he moved from Palermo to Siena, its ideal city. He has carried out an experiment in his flat for longer than one year: living in full self-sufficiency, without running water or electricity. On a rainy night, Michele gets caught up in a series of confusing and mysterious events. From this moment on, his joyful experience in the ideal city starts to waver.Read More »

  • Ferdinando Baldi – Nove ospiti per un delitto AKA Nine Guests for a Crime [+commentary] (1977)

    Nine members of the same family go to an island, where nobody lives – but the head of the family owns a nice house there. Problem is that he and his three sons keep a dark secret, and this dark secret begins to haunt them as soon as they are on the island. One by one falls victim to a mysterious killer.Read More »

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