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Virgile Bramly & Julia Ducournau – Mange (2012)

Mange (2012) Synopsis:
Laura is a lawyer, she’s beautiful and has a nice boyfriend. But 15 years ago she was fat, bullied and without friends. Now she has come to terms with her bulimia. She is celebrating her first year abstinence. Read More »

Javier Rebollo – Lo que sé de Lola AKA What I Know About Lola (2006)

Director Javier Rebollo’s first feature, Lola (Lo que se de Lola), was the unanimous choice of this year’s London Film Festival FIPRESCI jury. Partly shot in French and in Spanish, and located in both France and Spain, it is a visually provocative tale of a conventional loner who becomes a silent voyeur obsessed by desire and an impossible love. Read More »