Michael Chekhov

  • Alfred Hitchcock – Spellbound [+Extras] (1945)

    Synopsis: The head of the Green Manors mental asylum Dr. Murchison is retiring to be replaced by Dr. Edwardes, a famous psychiatrist. Edwardes arrives and is immediately attracted to the beautiful but cold Dr. Constance Petersen. However, it soon becomes apparent that Dr. Edwardes is in fact a paranoid amnesiac impostor. He goes on the run with Constance who tries to help his condition and solve the mystery of what happened to the real Dr. Edwardes.Read More »

  • Yakov Protazanov – Chelovek iz restorana aka The Man From Restaurant (1927)


    Based on story by Ivan Shmelev.
    The movie action starts very close before February democratic revolution in Russia in 1917.
    Fate is cruel to waiter of capital city restaurant Skorohodov: his son dies on front, his wife perishes from grief, his daughter is excluded from grammar school because of lack of money to pay tuition.
    Skorohodov decides to rent one of rooms in his poor apartment to a decent young man named Sokolin who is working as a courier in war industry committee .
    The lodger and a girl fall in love with each other and soon decide to get married.
    In meantime the father appoints his daughter as a violiinist in restaurant orchestra.
    But rich factory owner Karasev rudely molests young blonde violinist and through blackmail expects to make her his mistress.
    Read More »

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