Michel Bouquet

  • Claude Chabrol – Juste avant la nuit aka Just Before Nightfall (1971)

    Claude Chabrol1971-1980FranceThriller
    Juste avant la nuit (1971)
    Juste avant la nuit (1971)

    Charles Masson, an advertising executive, is having an affair with Laura, the wife of his best friend, the architect François Tellier. Charles strangles Laura when one of their S&M games goes too far. Dazed, Charles walks out of the borrowed apartment in Paris and soon bumps into François in a nearby bistro. They drive back together to Versailles, where they have beautiful neighboring houses designed by François. The owner of the apartment had seen Laura and Charles together two months earlier, but she does not tell the police on the advice of François. Even though the police do not seem to have any clues to the crime, Charles has a difficult time coping with the situation, and trying to live a normal life with his two children and loving wife Hélène.Read More »

  • Jean-Louis Bertuccelli – Paulina 1880 (1972)

    Drama1971-1980FranceJean-Louis BertuccelliRomance
    Paulina 1880 (1972)
    Paulina 1880 (1972)

    In 1880’s Italy, young Paulina must join a monastery to escape a doomed relationship with a married count. However, neither she, nor the count can just move.Read More »

  • Yves Boisset – Un condé AKA Blood on My Hands (1970)

    1961-1970CrimeFranceThrillerYves Boisset

    ‘Dassa, a bar owner who refuses to sell drugs to his customers, is killed by men working for Tavernier, a gangster known as Le Mandarin. Dassas’s sister Hélène is also in danger, for the same reasons. Inspector Favenin and the young inspector Barnero are put in charge of the case. Dan Rover, one of Dassa’s friends, engages the services of a man named Viletti to kill Tavernier. Another man, Raymond, is willing to provide an alibi if necessary. Barnero has grown disillusioned with his job and wants to leave the police service, but first he intends to arrest Tavernier. One day, Favenin and Barnero fail to prevent Viletti from killing Tavernier, and Barnero gets himself killed in the process. Favenin is given permission by his superior to continue the investigation alone. What nobody realises is that Favenin is ready to act without mercy and employ some very unconventional methods to achieve his aims…’
    – Henri WillemsRead More »

  • Yannick Andréi – Au-delà de la peur (1975)

    1971-1980CrimeFranceYannick Andréi

    A group of outlaws takes a man’s wife and child hostage. He must walk a fine line between working with the police to rescue his family and not angering the kidnappers to the point where they might hurt or kill them.Read More »

  • Harry Kümel – Malpertuis (1973)

    1971-1980BelgiumFantasyHarry KümelHorror

    This film has been more talked about than seen since its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 1972, when it was shown in a hastily shortened English-language version which distributors subsequently hacked down even further. Now the Belgium Cinémathèque Royale have worked with Kümel (best known for the lesbian vampire classic Daughters of Darkness) to produce a definitive ‘director’s cut’, Dutch-language version that runs for almost two hours – longer than has ever been seen before, and giving its labyrinthine story far greater clarity and depth.Read More »

  • Claude Chabrol – La rupture AKA The Breach (1970)

    1961-1970ArthouseClaude ChabrolFranceThriller

    Helene Regnier’s husband Charles, who is mentally ill, injures their son Michel in a rage. Charles moves back in with his wealthy and manipulative parents, who blame Helene for their son’s condition and vow to win custody of Michel. While the boy is in hospital, Helene rents a room in a boarding house nearby. The Regniers hire Paul Thomas, a family acquaintance who needs money, to find dirt on Helene before the court hearing on custody. Paul moves into the boarding house and, with the help of his girlfriend Sonia, who rarely wears clothes, plots to ruin Helene’s reputation and then her very life.Read More »

  • Jean Aurel – Lamiel (1967)

    1961-1970DramaFranceJean AurelRomance

    ‘Lamiel (Anna Karina) is a poor orphan girl who climbs her way to the social elite in this 19th-century costume drama. A doctor (Michel Bouquet) lives vicariously through Anna as he oversees the progress of his female protege. Lamiel finds love with a young thief who steals into her bedroom after her marriage to a penniless count (Jean-Clause Brialy), and the two experience a romantic rendezvous of forbidden love after Lamiel goes from being a poor peasant woman to living a life of comparative luxury.’
    – Dan Pavlides (AllMovie)Read More »

  • Gilles Bourdos – Renoir (2012)

    2011-2020DramaFranceGilles Bourdos

    Renoir (2012)
    Set on the French Riviera in the summer of 1915, Jean Renoir — son of the Impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste — returns home to convalesce after being wounded in World War I. At his side is Andrée, a young woman who rejuvenates, enchants, and inspires both father and son.Read More »

  • Jaco Van Dormael – Toto le héros aka Toto the Hero (1991) (HD)

    1991-2000DramaFranceJaco Van DormaelThriller

    Thomas and Alfred were born around the same time; a fire in the nursery had nurses scrambling to save the newborns. Because he felt that he deserved Alfred’s good fortune at being born into a wealthy family, Thomas conceives the idea that he and Alfred were switched at birth, and he can’t help seeing that his unhappiness should be Alfred’s, from the loss of his sister to his inability to have a relationship with the woman Evelyne. So, as his life is ending, he formulates a plan of revenge against his bitter enemy, his lifetime adversary, the man who stole his existence.Read More »

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