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Bernard Émond – La femme qui boit AKA The Woman Who Drinks (2001)

Bernard Émond is a veteran documentary filmmaker whose powerful work tends to address themes of loss, memory and the possibility of capturing fragments of truth. La femme qui boit, his stylish and finely acted debut narrative feature, is distinguished by a spectacular performance from Élise Guilbault in the title role and depicts the pain and confusion of a woman’s ruin after years of alcohol abuse. Read More »

Claude Fournier – Je n’aime que toi AKA My Only Love (2004)

Renowned novelist Georges Guérin is out of inspiration to finish his next novel. One day, at a café, a young woman named Daisy recognizes him and they start a conversation. She says she’s a whore and makes such a story of her own life that she becomes the plot for his next novel, expected of all – especially Guillaume Lanctôt, his publisher. As the writing progresses, the relationship between them becomes more and more tender… Read More »