Michel Serrault

  • Georges Lautner – La cage aux folles 3 – ‘Elles’ se marient AKA La Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding (1986)

    Albin and Renato, the owners of St-Tropez’s most notorious night club, are facing financial ruin. Albin Mougeotte (Michel Serreault) learns that he is to inherit a big sum of money but to have the right to it, the testament demands him to get married and have a child within the next 18 months. Being gay (drag), he gets perplex and doesn’t know what to do. He hides such details to his boyfriend Renato (Ugo Tognazzi) but he’ll finally find out about it and will try to find a way to the situation. Albin will try to date women, dress ‘normal’ almost throughout the film as he needs to hide his homosexuality (but the manners remains of course). Will Albin be capable to fool himself into a marriage and child and get the money or will he choose to stay himself and refuse it?Read More »

  • Jean-Pierre Mocky – À mort l’arbitre! AKA Kill the Referee (1984)

    Michel, a referee has to suffer the consequences of having whistled a penalty against a team which is supported by football hooligans.Read More »

  • Claude Chabrol – Rien ne va plus AKA The Swindle (1997)

    Con artists Victor (Michel Serrault) and Betty (Isabelle Huppert) are a perfect team when it comes to cheating gamblers out of their winnings. But Betty, who’s a master of the art of seduction, has a bigger scheme in mind: double-crossing bagman Maurice Biagini (François Cluzet) out of millions of Swiss francs that belong to organized crime. While it sounds like an airtight plan, Victor — no fool when it comes to matters of deception — suspects a double cross.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – Des pissenlits par la racine AKA Salad by the Roots (1964)

    Jockey Jack has a bill open with a gangster just released from jail. He somehow manages to parry the gangster’s knife attack backstage at a theatre and the latter ends up dead being put into a double bass case. A day later the gangster mysteriously has disappeared, but it turns out that he was carrying a bet ticket for a horse race now worth over a million. A turbulent run for the money begins.Read More »

  • Sacha Guitry – Assassins et voleurs AKA Murderers and Thieves (1956)

    Surprised by a burglar (Michel Serrault), the doleful Philippe (Jean Poiret) regains his composure, then asks the thief for his assistance. It seems that Philippe wants to commit suicide but hasn’t the nerve to pull off the deed himself. In flashback, Philippe recounts the events that led up to this critical and anxious moment. As it turns out, our “hero” is a bigger criminal, both actual and moral, than the nonplused burglar could ever be.Read More »

  • Francis Rigaud – Nous irons à Deauville (1962)

    Lucien (Michel Serres) and Dubois (Claude Brasseur), together with their wives go on holiday at the sea in Deauville. But once the trouble starts: rented villa completely destroyed, their luggage sent by train is lost at sea, they meet patron Lucien (Michael Galabryu) and constantly underfoot confused a fussy holidaymaker (Louis de Funes)Read More »

  • Claude Chabrol – Les fantômes du chapelier AKA The Hatter’s Ghost (1982)



    In this murder mystery, a homicidal maniac goes on a killing spree beginning with his wife. He then kills six of her friends and is preparing to murder a seventh when the intended victim dies naturally. As a substitute, he murders his favorite hooker, leading the police right to him.Read More »

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