Mieko Takamine

  • Yasushi Sasaki – Gekimetsu no uta AKA Song of Destruction (1945)

    Yasushi Sasaki1941-1950JapanWar
    Gekimetsu no uta (1945)
    Gekimetsu no uta (1945)

    Three daughters have graduated from the music school and have gone their separate ways. On the day of the outbreak of war, the three girls meet again for the first time since their graduation ceremony.

    This film was made at the end of the war to promote the military song “Song of the Annihilation of the United States and Great Britain” and to raise the will to fight. It was made in 1945. There are some expressions in this film that would be considered inappropriate today, but in light of the historical value of the film, they have been omitted.

    Because the original film and the video master are old there are some parts which are unsightly and some parts are missing. Thank you for your understanding in advanceRead More »

  • Kôzaburô Yoshimura – Danryû AKA Warm Current (1939)

    Kôzaburô Yoshimura1931-1940ClassicsJapanRomance
    Danryû (1939)
    Danryû (1939)

    After his benefactor Shima falls ill, Hibiki (Shin Saburi) sets out to rebuild the hospital that Shima had run. In the complicated relationships that swirl around the hospital, Gin (Mitsuko Mito), a nurse who works as Hibiki’s confidant, gradually develops a romantic interest in him. Meanwhile, Shima’s daughter Keiko (Mieko Takamine) and her fiancé Sasajima (Shin Tokudaiji) rebel against Hibiki’s dogmatic behaviour…Read More »

  • Kô Nakahira – Hikaru umi AKA Bright Sea (1963)

    Kô Nakahira1961-1970DramaJapan

    Autotranslated from Japanesse:
    Seven male students of the English literature department who have endured among 33 female students for four years of college life. After the graduation party, Nosaka visited Mieko’s house to deliver a bag of things left behind. Mieko broke up with Nosaka and she broke up with a bese without any promise. And the busy days passed by the members who went out to the society.Read More »

  • Mikio Naruse – Maihime AKA Dancing Girl (1951)

    Drama1951-1960JapanMikio Naruse

    Mariko Okada (in her film debut) plays a young ballerina prodigy whose parents seem to be trapped in a loveless marriage. The mother has been seeing a family friend for 20 years, but it’s obvious that they feel more than just friendship for each other, causing suspicion and unease with her son. The father throws himself into work, until one day, it all boils over… naruse-style.Read More »

  • Heinosuke Gosho – Ima hitotabi no AKA Once More (1947)

    1941-1950AsianDramaHeinosuke GoshoJapan

    Before the war, Nogami, a doctor who devotes himself to the caring of the poor, meets Akiko during a theatrical representation. She’s a sheltered girl from a wealthy bourgeois family who finds herself drawn to him and his humanitarian ideals.Read More »

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