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Viktor Tregubovich – Na voyne, kak na voyne (1969)

Synopsis: At War as at War (Na Voyne kak na Voyne) (Russian Title: На войне как на войне) is a 1968 World War II drama directed by Viktor Tregubovich and based on a story by Viktor Kurochkin. The film tells about the weekdays of the crew of a self-propelled tank destroyer, commanded by the young and inexperienced junior lieutenant Maleshkin. The tank battle scenes are spectacular! Read More »

Gennadiy Vasilev – Finist – Yasnyy sokol AKA Finest, the Brave Falcon (1975)

This fairy tale film is dedicated to the memory of the great film director Alexander Row, the founder of the genre. Once upon a time there lived a brave and kind hero named Finist the Bright Falcon. He was famous for his strength, courage and a heart of gold. But one day the Russian land was attacked by an evil enemy, Kartaus, who turned our hero into a forest monster. This spell was cast on a condition that Finist might become a man again, should a beautiful girl, Alyonushka, fall in love with him while he was a beast. Read More »