Mircea Albulescu

  • Dan Chisu – Aniversarea AKA The Anniversary (2017)

    2011-2020Dan ChisuDramaRomania

    A spacious apartment in the centre of Bucharest and a large family gathered together to celebrate the birthday of its frail, 94-year-old patriarch: anything could happen in Dan Chişu’s overcomplicated family drama The Anniversary [+], which is competing in the International Competition of the Warsaw International Film Festival (13-22 October). What emerges from so many bubbly relationships and effervescent reactions is the fact that Romania’s society is still struggling (and is still far from succeeding) to redeem, fight or at least forget its communist past, with death and old age being powerful allies in this endeavour.Read More »

  • Sergiu Nicolaescu – Capcana mercenarilor AKA The Mercenaries’ Trap (1981)

    1981-1990ActionRomaniaSergiu NicolaescuWarWorld War One

    The movie is based on a true story from the end of WWI, in Transylvania. A nobleman who owned some land in Transylvania returns home to find a part of his fortune burned to ashes during late 1918 when power was transferred from AustroHungary to Romania. Looking for revenge, he ordered the killing of innocent Romanian peasants from a neighboring village, which he suspected to be guilty for the losses he suffered. A Romanian officer from Romanian Transylvanian Volunteers Corp, decides to help the villagers to face the menace of the nobleman.Read More »

  • Manole Marcus – Actorul si salbaticii AKA The Actor and the Savages (1975)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaManole MarcusRomania

    Defying threats coming from leaders of the fascist Iron Guard movement, music-hall comedian and theatre manager Costica Caratase (whos character is based on legendary real-life actor and theatre director Constantin Tanas) prepares his new show – a satirical musical comedy that pokes fun at The Iron Guard and Nazi Germany. A day before the premiere, Caratase is kidnapped, his assistant, Ionel Friedman murdered…Read More »

  • Nicolae Margineanu – Flacari pe comori aka Flames Over Treasures [+Extras] (1988)

    Drama1981-1990Nicolae MargineanuRomania

    Deep in the Transylvanian Alps, the Archangels gold mine is the stage for an epic battle of characters. The arrogant owner is struggling with perceptions of ghosts in the mind of the miners. A maverick free-lance miner is helping him to find the source of terrifying noises that frightened his workers. A story of love, greed and betrayal having the rugged landscape of central Transylvania as a background. With few notable exceptions, everyone seems to have forgotten the biblical “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21)”Read More »

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