Mitsuru Hirata

  • Kinji Fukasaku – Kamata kôshinkyoku AKA Fall Guy (1982)

    Kamata kôshinkyoku (1982)
    The English title Fall Guy is fitting – this is a film about a stuntman who takes several plunges for his movie star friend – but there’s a clever touch of subversion in the less obvious Japanese title. Kamata Koshin-Kyoku refers to Shochiku studio’s theme song. But this film about the production of a samurai epic on the Toei studio lot in Kyoto is hardly a fawning tribute to the world of cinema. It’s a film by Kinji Fukasaku. Like the director’s masterpiece, Battles Without Honor and Humanity, Fall Guy exposes the injustices visited on honest, hard-working men serving corrupt and undeserving bosses; all he has done is change the setting. In the place of low-ranking yakuza are stuntmen, the foot soldiers of the entertainment industry. In the place of Japan’s criminal underground is a movie set.Read More »

  • Azuma Morisaki – Ikiteru uchiga hana nanoyo shin-dara sore madeyo to sengen aka Nuclear Gypsies (1985)

    Quote:(possible spoilers)
    Barbara, a dancer / stripper, traveling, going home to Nagoya after a long absence. She lives above the bar Nami no ue, in an area whose inhabitants are mainly from Okinawa. Upon her return, Barbara faces problems beyond his reach, his brother and two friends took one of their teachers hostage to extort money to go on a school trip … Miyazato, the man who shares the life of Barbara is there, but not Aiko, her best friend, who had yet to wait. Miyazato, yakuza and laborer in a nuclear, Barbara learns that Aiko was forced into prostitution for the workers of the plant, and he helped him escape from this hell … Aiko has been distributed to Mihama [ 1 ] (central Japan). Without even thinking for a moment, Barbara decided to go see her friend.Read More »

  • Eiji Okuda – Kyôko to Shûichi no baai AKA Case of Kyoko, Case of Shuichi (2013)

    The fifth directorial effort and the first in around six years from film director and actor Okuda Eiji. This drama, set before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, offers a delicate depiction of a man and woman forced to leave their hometown in Miyagi Prefecture due to the ‘sins’ they have committed.Read More »

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