Mu-song Jeon

  • Kwon-taek Im – Mandala AKA A Buddhist Ascetic Mandara (1981)

    1981-1990AsianDramaKwon-taek ImSouth Korea

    Six years after leaving the secular life to become a Buddhist monk, Beob-wun is still haunted by memories Young-ju, his ex-lover. He tries to find the path to the truth and meets Ji-san another monk who doesn’t even have his holy orders. Their association leads to greater pain and conflicts for Beob-wun. Ji-san dies in the snow, as partly a man resembling Buddha and a man drowning in the ways of the secular world. Beob-wun cremates Ji-san’s corpse and seeks out Young-ju and his mom. He also meets Ok-sun, a woman Ji-san could not forget. These encounters reinforce his belief that the ways of the world are meaningless and continues on his path to find the truth.Read More »

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