Myriam Mézières

  • Alain Tanner – Une flamme dans mon coeur AKA A Flame in My Heart (1987)

    A very unusual, quietly intense experience, the film’s beating heart is Myriam Mézières, who co-wrote the script and is in every scene. Never afraid to appear ridiculous, she gives her all to the role, whilst Tanner (with whom she had a relationship) coolly observes from a distance through the soft, hazy grain of 16mm. The film unfolds in a dreamlike manner as the protagonist Mercedes slides from passionate, sensitive actress towards an increasingly fragile and needy state, suffering from a hunger that can only be satiated by pure, ceaseless love.Read More »

  • Paul Vecchiali – Change pas de main AKA Don’t Change Hands (1975)

    Experimental film mixes genres, styles and even XXX vs. soft-core

    Paul Vecchiali’s work is an acquired taste, as he is a filmmaker who marches to the beat of his own drum, never fashionable or popular. Produced by a famous pornographer of the day (Jean-Francois Davy of “Exhibition” fame) it’s a rare mainstream (sort of) movie that carefully integrates explicit hardcore sex content into a strong story.Read More »

  • Myriam Mézières & Alain Tanner – Fleurs de sang AKA Flowers of Blood (2002)

    As its titles suggests, Flowers of Blood belongs entirely to the physical and sensual dimension of Tanner’s œuvre – a dimension contributed by Myriam Mézières in a Flame in my Heart and The Diary of Lady M. The script in this case was written by Mézières herself, based on her own memories, and she actually co-directed the film with Tanner.Read More »

  • Alain Tanner – Le Journal de Lady M (1993)

    She’s a beautiful gifted performer, but her work is not the sort that invites popular acclaim. Despite the fact that she is unlikely to become famous, she enjoys her life as a performer who lives just outside the mainstream. Awaiting her backstage one evening is a Spanish painter who has seen her show and wants to make her acquaintance. They walk around Paris getting to know one another, and then the painter returns to Spain. Something about the man has moved Lady M to passion: she flies to meet him in Barcelona and he shows her his beloved Catalonia. Read More »

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