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Naoto Yamakawa – Birî za kiddo no atarashii yoake AKA The New Morning of Billy the Kid (1986)

Billy the Kid waits tables in the Schlächtenhaus Saloon, last refuge of humanity from marauding, nihilistic gangs; co-workers include a samurai, Marx-Engels, an artist and the Tokyo telephone enquiries number made flesh. This bastion of global history and culture is duly invaded, clearing the decks for our spiritual and cultural rebirth… Read More »

Naoto Yamakawa – Pan’ya shuugeki AKA Attack on a Bakery (1985)

Two pals suffer from an insatiable hunger and decide to rob a local communist bakery run, occupied by a Wagner loving shop keep and a lone indecisive woman contemplating her next meal. Based on a short story by Haruki Murakami. Read More »