Nathalie Baye

  • Florence Platarets – Godard par Godard AKA Godard by Godard (2023)

    2021-2030DocumentaryFlorence PlataretsFrance
    Godard par Godard (2023)
    Godard par Godard (2023)

    The film is an archival self-portrait of Jean-Luc Godard. Through his words, gaze and work, the film tells the story of a life of cinema; that of a man who will always demand a lot of himself and his art, to the point of merging with it.Read More »

  • Alain Jessua – En toute innocence (1988)

    1981-1990Alain JessuaDramaFranceThriller

    When Catherine (Nathalie Baye) is caught with her illicit lover by her father-in-law Paul (Michel Serrault), the concerned father leaves to tell his son Thomas (Francois Dunoyer) about the incident. Paul is injured in an auto accident and returns home in a wheelchair unable to speak. Catherine’s guilt weighs heavily on her as she hopes to never let Thomas know she was unfaithful. She panics and seeks a way to eliminate Paul in this psychological thriller.Read More »

  • Jean-Louis Comolli – L’Ombre Rouge AKA The Red Shadow (1981)

    1981-1990DramaFranceJean-Louis ComolliThriller

    April, 1937. Anton, a Communist Party member living in France, is involved with trafficking arms to left-wing activists in Spain. He is captured by the Gestapo but is subsequently released when is friend, Léo, head of a Communist network in Europe, arranges an exchange. Anton is recruited in the struggle against fascism but ends up being a victim of the Stalinist purge…Read More »

  • Cyril Leuthy – Godard seul le cinéma AKA Godard Cinema (2022)

    2021-2030Cyril LeuthyDocumentaryFrance

    Jean-Luc Godard is cinema, its quintessence. Just turned 91, he has made more than 140 films. We hate him as much as we worship him. Where does his aura come from? From legendary films of course, but also from Godard himself. He is a public figure as much as a man shrouded in mystery. Everything and its opposite, he has taken all possible paths. It is not easy to seize such a legendary, enigmatic giant. Godard’s itinerary follows one direction only: a constant renewal of his art. He sees the creative act as a necessary act of criticism and deconstruction.” I always start from the negative. I am a positive man who starts from the negative”. The artist reinvents himself tirelessly, and inevitably destroys himself. This portrait wants to take us beyond the clichés of a myth that has sometimes become caricatural, to meet a man more sentimental than it seems, a man inhabited, sometimes surpassed, by his art. Because yes, Godard is human. Not just a machine who thinks and creates images.Read More »

  • Frédéric Tellier – L’affaire SK1 (2014)

    2011-2020CrimeDramaFranceFrédéric Tellier

    SK1 is French police jargon for “Serial Killer 1,” the codename given in the 1990s to a rapist and murderer who preyed on young women in eastern Paris. Nicknamed “The Beast of Bastille,” the culprit, later identified as Guy Georges…Read More »

  • Claude Goretta – La provinciale AKA The Girl From Lorraine (1981)

    Claude Goretta1981-1990ArthouseDramaFrance

    Draughtswoman Nathalie Baye moves to Paris. This is the tale of her sad encounters and experiences, and the dignity she retains.
    Aside from the subdued and true-to-life quality that Claude Goretta’s movies share – in my opinion – with his fellow Swiss Alain Tanner, this is a deeply emotional and depressing film. Nathalie Baye is – as usual – incredibly beautiful, moving and convincing.Read More »

  • Robin Davis – J’ai épousé une ombre aka I Married a Dead Man (1983)

    Robin Davis1981-1990DramaFranceThriller

    Heavily pregnant Helene (Nathalie Baye) is on a train, on the run from her abusive boyfriend (Richard Bohringer), when she meets the also-pregnant Patricia. When a train-crash kills Patricia and her intended husband, Helene is mistaken for her and adopted by her new in-laws. Helene assumes this new identity, trying to secure a future for her baby, and finds a charmed life on a Bordeaux vineyard. However, the specter of the past threatens her newfound happiness.Read More »

  • Xavier Beauvois – Le Petit Lieutenant AKA The Young Lieutenant (2005)

    2001-2010CrimeDramaFranceXavier Beauvois

    A rookie policeman from provincial Le Havre volunteers for the high pressure Parisian homicide bureau and is assigned to a middle-aged woman detective.Read More »

  • Claude Berri – L’Un reste, l’autre part AKA One Stays, the Other Leaves (2005)

    2001-2010Claude BerriComedyDramaFrance

    “I try to make films that move people when they are in the theater and make them think only after they leave.” Claude Berri

    L’un reste, L’autre part is the story of two old time friends, both in their fifties, both married, who fall for two younger women. The cast is nothing less than stellar: Daniel Auteuil, Nathalie Baye, Pierre Arditi, Miou-Miou and Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Attal’s real-life wife, Charlotte Gainsbourg, appears as one of two romantic foils a character drama in which over-middle-age men fall in love with younger women and must confront the ramifications of ending their marriages (one does and one doesn’t, or so the title would have you believe).Read More »

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