Nathaniel Dorsky

  • Jon Jost – Rembrandt Laughing (1989)

    Jon Jost1981-1990ArthouseUSA
    Rembrandt Laughing (1989)
    Rembrandt Laughing (1989)

    This film is a portrait of the passage of one year in the lives of some San Francisco friends, circa 1988 (before the dot.coming of the city), a slow marijuana hazed story which drifts like the fabled fog, encompassing the quirks and habits of a generation that made the city theirs, if only for a while. Very obliquely REMBRADT LAUGHING sketches the time and place, encompassing the Aids epidemic, the casual sexual revolution, the debris of ’68 lingering in the air. A quiet, very San Francisco comedy of life among a small group of friends. REMBRANDT LAUGHING was improvised over the period of about a month by Jost and his friends, mostly acting non-professionals.
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  • Nathaniel Dorsky – Compline (2009)

    2001-2010ExperimentalNathaniel DorskyPhilosophyUSA

    Compline is a night devotion or prayer, the last of the canonical hours, the final act in a cycle. This film is also the last film I will be able to shoot in Kodachrome, a film stock I have shot since I was 10 years old. It is a loving duet with and a fond farewell to this noble emulsion.
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  • Nathaniel Dorsky – Song and Solitude (2006)

    Nathaniel Dorsky2001-2010ExperimentalShort FilmUSA

    SONG AND SOLITUDE was conceived and photographed with the loving help and kindness of Susan Vigil during the last year of her life. Its glance is more toward an expression of inner landscape, or what it feels like to be, rather than an exploration of the external visual world as such.Read More »

  • Nathaniel Dorsky – August and After (2012)

    2011-2020ExperimentalNathaniel DorskyShort FilmUSA

    A commemoration of two friends, George Kuchar and Carla Liss who died within a year of each other.
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  • Nathaniel Dorsky – Threnody (2004)

    2001-2010ExperimentalNathaniel DorskyUSA

    Threnody is a somber but luminous progression through a delicate articulation of earthly phenomena… an offering to a friend who died. It is the second of two devotional songs, the first being The Visitation. These two films were preceeded by a series of Four Cinematic Songs: Triste, Variations, Arbor Vitae, and Love’s Refrain.Read More »

  • Nathaniel Dorsky – Nathaniel Dorsky: An Interview (2000)

    1991-2000DocumentaryNathaniel DorskyUSA

    Nathaniel Dorsky’s films are precise articulations of cinematic qualities: the surprise of an edit, the composition of framing, and the flash of the image. Dubbed the “filmmaker’s filmmaker”, Dorsky’s work captures the fleeting moments of everyday life in its poetic chaos in such films as Pneuma (1976-82), Triste (1974-96), Alaya (1976-87), and Variations (1992-98). Using a spring-wound Bolex and 16mm reversal stock film, Dorsky’s films operate in the realm of the purely visual.Read More »

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