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Paul Vecchiali – Série noire: Coeur de hareng (1984)

Plot : From the novel by Pierre Lesou. Paris after WWII. Marly (Nicolas Silberg), a pimp, wants to retire from business. He’d like to offer Nella (Hélène Surgère), his protege, a tavern on the banks of the Marne. But both are caught in the crossfire from the fight between rival gangs for the control of prostitution….

One of the best TV works by Vecchiali. Among his favourites. Read More »

Paul Vecchiali – Corps à coeur AKA Drugstore Romance (1979)

Pierrot, a mechanic in Paris, falls madly for an older woman, a chemist, who at first refuses his love. Finally she accepts his love when she discovers she is affected by a deadly illness. In the background we see everyday stories of a community of Pierrot’s younger and older friends. Read More »