Nikos Nikolaidis

  • Nikos Nikolaidis – O Hamenos ta Pairnei Ola AKA The Loser Takes All (2002)

    Nikos Nikolaidis2001-2010ActionDramaGreece

    A lonely Man in his 40’s wanders with a canary named Belafonte, cigarettes, beers and pills to keep him company… He has no future and no present, only a past, a cloudy mind, poor health and a face that cops love to hate. Not to mention his obsession with “the Apocalypse of John”…
    The Man roams the city’s streets, amongst the “women of his life”. Tough chicks, casual flings, dark nights, filthy bars and strip joints, shady activities, and small hopes…
    He works, when he wants or needs to, for “Fatty” a corrupted detective.
    He steals, when he wants or needs to, from the usual known-unknown people that cross his path. Then, he meets the 19 year-old Kid…
    The Man finds a companion in the face of the Kid, who is willing to follow his escapades without asking too much…Read More »

  • Nikos Nikolaidis – Ta Kourelia Tragoudane Akoma… AKA The Wretches are Still Singing (1979)

    Nikos Nikolaidis1971-1980CrimeDramaGreece
    Ta Kourelia Tragoudane Akoma... (1979)
    Ta Kourelia Tragoudane Akoma… (1979)

    Five friends (representatives of the Fifties generation) now in their forties, get together after many years of silence. One shows up from jail, where he has been entering and exiting for years. The other comes from a series of “accidental” murders, another leaves his wife and kids, the fourth one is a wonderer and the last one, the girl of the gang, comes from a lunatic asylum where she has been hiding for years…Read More »

  • Nikos Nikolaidis – Glykia Symmoria AKA Sweet Bunch (1983)

    1981-1990CrimeDramaGreeceNikos Nikolaidis

    The diary of the life and death of a group of “amoral” young people, who have reached the point of no return and seek something to believe in and to die for. Their behavior brings them to the attention of the State. A discreet surveillance begins. A vigilante group monitors their House. It’s headed by a nameless blond man, who waits…
    The film is a study of the new face of world fascism. It is a story of joy and tender love; a music of death, an evocation of colors, sweet violence and laughter.The story of four people who might be your neighbors, who choose to die senselessly behind their stolen shotguns, flinging their harsh, mocking laughter in your face.Read More »

  • Nikos Nikolaidis – Proini Peripolos AKA Morning Patrol (1987)

    1981-1990GermanyNikos NikolaidisSci-FiThriller

    A woman is walking alone through an abandoned city. She approaches the forbidden zone and tries to pass through. Everywhere the Morning Patrol and deceptive traps are watching. The city itself is alive but uncontrolled. Computer voices warn non-existing inhabitants to leave the city. The communication system works… cinemas show films… classic faces of a past era flash across TV screens. She is confronted by one of the few survivors guarding the city. They will come close to each other ; they will try to recall the past. Together they unravel their tangled memory – threads of this catastrophe and decide to penetrate the zone together ; They are linked by the bonds of violence and death since no other behaviour is possible in this kind of world. Is there an end? Is there hope and any future since no person that was allowed through ever returned to tell us whether the freedom of the sea exists. The fugitives encounter increasing dangers… A story of love in this unbearable world… what point can it have?Read More »

  • Nikos Nikolaidis – The Zero Years (2005)

    2001-2010DramaEroticaGreeceNikos Nikolaidis

    Today as tomorrow and as yesterday. Four women, who have been sterilized and are under constant toxic restraint and surveillance, are serving their term in a government-run brothel. Their duty is to have sex and beat their customers without remorse. The relations between them are at a critical point; food and water are scarce, their house is rotting and ready to collapse. Nothing on the outside exists any more. Nightmarish visions, simulated miscarriages and rapes, injections and nausea all make up their daily routine. Yet their dream – even though they have been sterilized by the State – is to have a child. One day, one of their customers disappears. The interrogations begin.Read More »

  • Nikos Nikolaidis – Evridiki BA 2O37 AKA Euridice BA 2O37 (1975)

    1971-1980ArthouseDramaGreeceNikos Nikolaidis


    Euridice lives imprisoned inside a metaphorical hell-house, in a country ruled by a dictatorship regime.
    Having already served her time, she is waiting to be transferred “somewhere else”. However, the State Processor in charge of the prisoners transfers has been mocking her for days… maybe even years.
    A long lost lover (Orpheus), contacts her asking to see her again. Euridice accepts, hoping that something will change yet she is also afraid of any changes.Read More »

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