Nina Hagen

  • Herbert Curiel – Cha-Cha (1979)

    Classic movie with Herman Brood, who plays a bankrobber trying to go straight by becoming a rock’n’roll star. Takes place in and around Amsterdam’s punk/new wave scene, with appearances by Nina Hagen, Les Chappell, and Lene Lovich. Includes the marriage between Herman Brood and Nina Hagen, in the church at Ruigoord.Read More »

  • Peter Sempel – Nina Hagen = Punk + Glory (1999)

    NinaHagen was born in East Berlin in 1955, migrated to the West in the mid-70’s and became a New Wave Punk rock star in 1978, singing in a screechy growl that shaded into an operatic coloratura.Read More »

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