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Nobuhiro Suwa – Ainsi Va La Vie (2019)

Ainsi Va La Vie (2019)

Ainsi Va La Vie (2019)
A portrait of three women striving to forge their own rosy paths.

The film was produced in 2019 by Nobuhiro Suwa as an commercial for a cosmetics brand called ALBION. It was once on YouTube, but now the link is down Read More »

Nobuhiro Suwa – M/Other (1999)

The romantic pretensions of Hollywood to the contrary, love is a very messy business. After all, the other person is a completely separate being, whose independent thoughts, feelings, and experiences cannot be accessed immediately through ESP, whose very actions must always be interpreted through the unreliable filter of subjective impressions. One wonders if we ever really do get to know our lovers. Read More »

Hippolyte Girardot & Nobuhiro Suwa – Yuki & Nina (2009)

When Yuki finds out that her parents are separating and she is moving to Japan with her mother, she and her best friend Nina devise ways to reunite the feuding adults. Read More »