Noriaki Tsuchimoto

  • Noriaki Tsuchimoto – Shiranuikai AKA Minimata Part 2: The Shiranui Sea (1975)

    The Shiranui Sea is the second of the Minamata documentaries released by Zakka Films and widely considered to be Tsuchimoto’s masterpiece. If Minimata: The Victims and Their World follows the victims in their struggle for compensation for suffering from Minimata Disease, Japan’s most notorious case of environmental pollution, The Shiranui Sea provides a beautifully lyrical and compelling portrait of their everyday lives and difficulties. It is both a profound expose of how government and industry can undermine the environmental foundations of daily life, and a model for how documentary can humanely reveal human suffering.

    “One of the monuments of Japanese documentary”.Read More »

  • Noriaki Tsuchimoto – Document Rojo AKA On the Road: The Document (1964)

    In 1963, Japan was in the midst of its long period of high economic growth and Tokyo was busy revamping its urban infrastructure. When most were celebrating the economic expansion, Noriaki Tsuchimoto focused his analytical gaze on the life of one taxi driver. What he saw were miserable and unhealthy labor conditions, a Tokyo littered with traffic jams and construction work, a city where traffic accidents were multiplying and pedestrians unsafe. Coupling the tense visuals with impressive music, Tsuchimoto likens this supposedly new Tokyo to a skeletal wreck.Read More »

  • Toshi Fujiwara – Eiga wa ikimono no kiroku de aru: Tsuchimoto Noriaki no shigoto AKA The Life and Work of Noriaki Tsuchimoto (2007)

    Documentary portrait of the great Japanese documentary maker Tsuchimoto Noriaki made a couple of years before his death. Includes insightful interviews and tremendous clips.Read More »

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