Pascale Petit

  • Marcel Carné – Les tricheurs AKA The Cheaters AKA Youthful Sinners (1958)

    Middle class student Bob Letellier (Jacques Charrier) enters a new world when he meets Alain (Laurent Terzieff), a free-thinking rebel who, along with his group of young Parisians, has opted for a life of instant gratification instead of work and commitment. At a party, Bob meets a young woman, Mic (Pascale Petit), who appears to be just as carefree and cynical as Alain. Mic’s only dream is to own a luxury car, and with Bob’s help, she manages to find the money to but it. Mic’s friend Clo (Andrea Parisy) discovers she is pregnant and, not knowing who the father is, she asks Bob to marry her. When they next meet at a party, Bob and Mic deny that they have any feelings for one another – a declaration that soon leads to tragedy…Read More »

  • Alexandre Astruc – Une vie AKA One Life (1958)

    Not much one can say other than providing Godard’s review of the film:

    I don’t give a damn about the merry-go-round decorated by Walt Disney, he lunch on the grass with imitation plastic clothes, the chewing-gum green of a ball of wool. I don’t give a damn about any of the lapses in taste piled up by Astruc, Claude Renoir and Mayo.Or about Roman Vlad’s saxophone either. Actually it isn’t bad. But anyhow, the real beauty of Une Vie lies elsewhere.
    In Pascale Petit’s yellow dress shimmering amid the Velazquez grey dunes of Normandy. That’s wrong! Not Velasquez grey? Not even Delacroix grey, howl the connoisseurs.Read More »

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