Paul Almond

  • Paul Almond – Isabel (1968)

    A woman believes she is beginning to lose her mind when she begins seeing ghosts and spirits.

    As a comment on religious repression, familial ostracism, and subliminal incestuous urges, this film might have some value.Read More »

  • Paul Almond – Act of the Heart (1970)

    Martha Hayes, a woman fanatically devoted to Jesus Christ, ekes out a meager existence in Montreal, Canada. As a singer in an Anglican Church choir, Martha meets and is fascinated by Father Michael Ferrier, an Augustinian monk who’s the guest conductor for an interfaith concert. How far is Martha willing to go to show her devotion to God?Read More »

  • Michael Apted – The Up Series – 49 Up! (2005)

    Summary by Paul Gaita:
    The premise behind the Up series is deceptively simple: take a cross-section of children at age 7, ask them about their hopes for the future, and then return every seven years to mark their progress. However, the results of these experiments, launched in 1963 by Britain’s Granada Television, are anything but mundane, and their revelations about society, maturation, and the human condition were compiled into seven extraordinary films.Read More »

  • Michael Apted & Paul Almond – 56 Up (2012)

    56 Up is the latest instalment of the landmark TV documentary series which has returned every seven years to focus on a group of people from varying social backgrounds who were first filmed at the age of seven. The new series revisits all but one of the original group.Read More »

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