Paul Esser

  • Wolfgang Staudte – Rotation (1949)

    Wolfgang Staudte1941-1950DramaGermanyWar

    Plot Synopsis:
    This powerful, World War II drama frequently cited as one of the most important films in German history tells the heated tale of a family divided over supporting the Nazis or fighting for the equality of all races and creeds. Originally censored by the Soviets for its unwavering message of pacifism, Rotation finds father turning against son as the troubled family patriarch agrees to print up Nazi fliers in hopes of improving the family finances before
    being betrayed by his Hitler Youth son. When the bombs stop dropping and the bullets stop flying, father and son are forced to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives despite their troubled past.Read More »

  • Wolfgang Staudte – Der Untertan AKA The Kaiser’s Lackey (1951)

    1951-1960ComedyDramaGermanyWolfgang Staudte

    ‘This historical satire, based on Heinrich Mann’s world-famous novel, Der Untertan, is ranked by film critics among the 100 Most Significant German Films of all time. In Mann’s biting critique of conservative Wilhelmine Germany, written during WWI, Diederich Hessling learns an important lesson for an ambitious man: one must first serve power to gain power for oneself. From then on, his modus operandi is to bow to superiors and kick underlings.’
    – DEFA Film LibraryRead More »

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