Paul Meurisse

  • Georges Lautner – Le monocle noir AKA The Black Monocle (1961)

    Georges Lautner1961-1970ComedyCrimeFrance

    The Marquis de Villemaur reunite stranges visitors in his Castle, to meet a survivor of the 3rd Reich. There is an Italian fascist ; Heinrich, a German ; Matthias, a russian ; and Dromard, a blind French war hero, with a black monocle.Read More »

  • André Cayatte – Le dessous des cartes AKA Under the Cards (1948)

    André Cayatte1941-1950FranceMystery
    Le dessous des cartes (1948)
    Le dessous des cartes (1948)

    ‘His criminal activities exposed, a crooked financier named Géraudy takes flight and intends to make his escape across the alpine border with the help of a young smuggler, Manu. When his wife Florence declines to join him, Géraudy hangs himself, thus depriving her of his life insurance. Florence persuades Inspecteur Nansen that Géraudy’s death was murder not suicide, and Manu is soon arrested as the obvious suspect. Manu’s only hope is a suicide note written by Géraudy just before he killed himself, but this he has entrusted to his girlfriend. The latter cannot forgive Manu when she sees him with Florence and so it appears that an innocent young man will be condemned for Géraudy’s supposed murder…’
    – James TraversRead More »

  • Henri Decoin – L’affaire des poisons AKA Hangman and the Witch (1955)

    1951-1960CrimeFranceHenri DecoinMystery

    The Marquise de Montespan is a scheming adventuress who hopes to become the favoured mistress to King Louis XIV of France to advance her social status. However, she is thwarted by the young Angélique de Fontanges, who is the King’s current favourite. Out of desperation, the Marquise de Montespan engages the services of a professional poisoner, the venomous La Voisin, to render her rival ugly. The potion unfortunately kills the young Angélique, and the royal court is thrown into turmoil…Read More »

  • Georges Franju – La tête contre les murs AKA Head Against the Wall (1959) (HD)

    Georges Franju1951-1960DramaFrance

    An intense study of the clash between medical ideals, the first full-length work from Georges Franju is a gripping examination of postwar psychiatric care, boasting a memorable cast including Pierre Brasseur, Anouk Aimée, Charles Aznavour, Paul Meurisse, and Jean-Pierre Mocky.
    Mocky plays François Gérane, an aimless young man whose delinquent tendencies cause his father to have him committed to a psychiatric ward. There, under the cold command of Dr. Varmont (Brasseur), he finds himself fighting for his dignity, sanity, and freedom, barely holding on through the new-found love of his girlfriend Stephanie (Aimée) and the promise of rival Dr. Emery’s (Meurisse) more humane techniques.Read More »

  • Jacques Deray – Doucement les basses AKA Easy Down There! (1971)

    Jacques Deray1971-1980ComedyFrance

    Simon, a young man who has entered the priesthood after learning of the death of his wife, Rita (Nathalie Delon). Problems abound when he discovers her among the living, and living as a hooker, no less. Paul Meurisse lends his dry humor to the proceedings as Simon’s bishop, who is nostalgic for Medieval times when many questioned whether women had souls at all. Simon, released from his vows, must now rescue Rita from becoming a nun.Read More »

  • Sergio Gobbi – Les voraces (1973)

    1971-1980CrimeDramaFranceSergio Gobbi

    imdb wrote:
    Dark, decadent, morbid, passionate – and 34 years later still the strangest memory regarding my very own personal history of watching movies since I was five years old. Despite the fact that this French/Italian production from the early seventies delivers incredibly strong performances by Helmut Berger at the peak of his career, the always excellent Francoise Fabian and the fabulous Paul Meurisse, that it shows you wonderfully filmed locations, and comes up with a solid script including a couple of interesting though perverted characters, the movie itself disappeared totally out of sight. Maybe you need to know Europe or even European or Italian movies to get along with it – I’m not sure about that. But I cannot understand why „Les Voraces” (German title „Die Gefraessigen”) fell into a black hole of total obscurity like hardly any other movie I’ve ever watched before and since.Read More »

  • Édouard Molinaro – Quand passent les faisans AKA When the Pheasants Pass (1965)

    1961-1970ComedyCrimeÉdouard MolinaroFrance

    Arsène Baudu and Hyacinthe, a pair of small-time crooks, fall prey to Alexandre Larsan-Bellac, who involves them (against their will) in high profile swindling. But their success is quite limited. For starters they are deceived by Mrs. Paterson, a charming widow. Later on, Ribeiro, a Portuguese contractor and former victim of the two crooks, traces them and forces them to work on one of his building sites as damages. Just then, Larsan-Bellac resurfaces with plans to lure Ribeiro once again…Read More »

  • Raymond Bernard – Le septième ciel AKA Seventh Heaven (1958)

    1951-1960ComedyCrimeFranceRaymond Bernard

    “Le septième ciel” became Raymond Bernard’s last film; a black comedy about a female brewery owner who donates vast amounts of money to charitable causes. The funds to do this, she raises through her liaisons with wealthy gentlemen… who just “happen” to end up dead!Read More »

  • Jean Renoir – Le déjeuner sur l’herbe AKA Picnic on the Grass (1959)

    1951-1960ComedyFranceJean RenoirRomance

    Etienne Alexis, a candidate for president of the new Europe, is a scientist promoting artificial insemination for social betterment and therapy to eliminate passion. His wealthy household (his family owns chemical corporations that will profit from his ideas) is stiff, intellectual, and sterile. To celebrate his engagement to a German cousin, he hosts an aseptic picnic, where mother nature asserts herself. A shepherd’s flute conjures a windstorm that throws Alexis together with the luscious Nénette, a farm lass who wants to have a baby but is unimpressed with men.Read More »

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