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Júlio Bressane – Cara a Cara (1967)

A man, sort of penpusher living in the darkness of books or in a ruined house with his dying mother, watches out for of a radiant, rich young girl. Her father meanwhile seems to organize some political trick with accomplices. Read More »

Antonio Carlos da Fontoura – Copacabana Me Engana AKA Copacabana Fools Me (1968)

From IMDB:
Marquinhos is in his early 20s and lives in Copacabana with his petits bourgeois parents and older brother. He doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t go to school, he just lives on the spur of the moment, watches TV, plays soccer on the beach by day and goes out with his mates by night. He meets Irene, a 40 year-old woman and they have a love affair that is going to change his life – for a while. Read More »