Pedro Infante

  • Ismael Rodríguez – Dos tipos de cuidado AKA Two Careful Fellows (1953)

    1951-1960ComedyIsmael RodriguezMexicoRomance

    It is the story of the two best friends, Pedro Malo y Jorge Bueno, they dated Maria (Jorge´sister)and Rosario (Pedro´s cousin) together they are nice and funny couples. One year has passed and the couples no longer are together, Jorge got his car to a services station when and old friend told him that Pedro has return to the village, they are no longer friends, in fact they are enemies because, Pedro has, short ago, get married Jorge´s girlfriend, Rosario.Read More »

  • Ismael Rodríguez – Nosotros, los pobres AKA We the Poor (1948)

    Drama1941-1950ClassicsIsmael RodriguezMexico

    Two kids take a book from a trash can. They begin to read the story of a poor neighborhood in Mexico City. Carpenter Pepe “El Toro” (Infante) lives with his daughter Chachita (Munoz) and woos pretty “Chorreada” (Pavon). Around them, a group of fellows live their lives in many ways: a pair of always-drunk women known as “La Tostada” (The Toast) and “La Guayaba” (The Guava); a beautiful woman (Jurado) who always oversleeps; a hooker with pneumonia (La Tisica) with a dark past. Tragedy comes when Pepe is falsely accused of robbery and sent to the jail.Read More »

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