Percy Herbert

  • Russ Meyer – Black Snake (1973)

    1971-1980ActionRuss MeyerUSA

    In 1835, the San Cristobal Island located somewhere in the British West Indies is ruled by sadistic beauty, Lady Susan Walker, who forces the local men to join the black slaves on her sugar cane plantation and either work or die. She’s always dressed in black and never lets go of her whip, the black snake. Her latest husband has gone missing making her a real black widow. Her right hand man, impotent, racist and violent Joxer Tierney, is in command of the slaves and he makes sure that they hate him even more than they do her. Young slave Joshua plans a revolt, but his religious father Isaiah is terrified of what might happen if the revolt fails. Sir Charles Walker, the brother of Susan’s late husband, goes undercover as Ronald Sopwith to investigate what really happened to his brother. She hires him as the plantation accountant, gives him a black sex slave named Cleone and eventually tries to seduce him. Her sadistic gay assistant may no more about Charles’ brother’s fate.Read More »

  • Don Chaffey – One Million Years B.C. (1966)

    1961-1970AdventureDon ChaffeyFantasyHammer FilmsUnited Kingdom

    Caveman Tumak is banished from the Rock tribe and joins the Shell Tribe until he is banished from them as well. One of their women, Loana leaves with him as they face the harsh prehistoric world.Read More »

  • Russ Meyer – Black Snake (1973)

    1971-1980HorrorRuss MeyerUSA


    Story of a slave revolt on a 19th-century Caribbean island.Read More »

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