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Dariush Mehrjui – Sara (1993)

Sara is the perfect young housewife, eager to serve. When husband Hessam requires an expensive emergency operation abroad, it is she who get the funds. For the next three years, it is Sara, labouring secretly to pay the shady loan and save Hessam’s manly pride. Until the truth is revealed and with it, the reality of her marriage. Read More »

Jafar Panahi – Hidden (2020)

Jafar Panahi sets out to find a young woman with a golden voice that has been forbidden to sing by Iranian authorities. Read More »

Bahram Beizai – Sagkoshi AKA Killing Mad Dogs (2001)

Author Golrokh Kamali has left her husband and has been living with her parents in the provinces for the past year. When she returns to the capital city, she finds out that her husband has gone bankrupt and that a group of unscrupulous businessmen are threatening to imprison him for debt. Although still angry about her husband’s past infidelities, and in spite of her previous pessimistic views about life with him, she comes to his defense and tries to help him overcome his problem. Starring Mozhdeh Shamsai as Golrokh and Majid Mozaffari as her husband. Nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Female Lead Actress (Mozhdeh Shamsai), Best Male and Best Female Supporting Actors, Best Set Design, and Best Sound at the 19th Fajr Film Festival, where it also won the Audience Choice Award. Read More »

Kianoush Ayari – Abadani-ha AKA The Abadanis (1993)

The car of a war refugee who is now living in Tehran is stolen. He with the help of his son begins a desperate search for finding his stolen car. Meanwhile he meets a man who can help him and his son Borna is too after his missing eyeglasses. Read More »

Parviz Kimiavi – Iran saray-e man ast AKA Iran Is My Land (1999)

Sohrab, a provincial young writer, is lost in the desert on the way to Tehran to get a publication license for his book on old Persian poetry, but the trip involves some bizarre events. Read More »

Parviz Kimiavi – Tappehaye queytariye AKA The Hills of Qaytariyeh (1969)

An archeological finding and the stories it may contain. Made with great humor.

From Wikepedia:
Parviz Kimiavi (Persian:پرويز کيمياوی; Born 1939, Tehran) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian (Persian) film director, screenwriter, editor and one of the most prominent figures of Persian cinema of the 20th century.

Kimiavi studied photography and film at l’École Louis Lumière (Louis Lumiere School of Cinematography) and IDHEC. His works gained critical success and won several prizes in important international events such as Berlin and Cannes. Read More »

Dariush Mehrjui – Santouri (2007)

The film Santoori by the accomplished Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui tells the tale of a drug addict fighting with his inner and outer demons. With a raw and honest look, the film captures the devastation of drug addiction and how a society can push someone in that direction. Santoori an artist vs. society musical drama, goes deep within Tehran’s society, its problems with drugs and the ill treatments of drug addicts. Read More »