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Ralph Habib – Geheimaktion schwarze Kapelle AKA The Black Chapel (1959)

‘Germany, 1933. Fearing that the rise of Nazism will inevitably lead to war, a number of officers band together to form an anti-Hitler group. They recruit a journalist, Golder, to take a plan of the German offensive to the Allies. But by the time he is able to rejoin them it is too late…’
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Fritz Lang – Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse AKA The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960) (HD)

In 1960s Germany, criminal mastermind Dr. Mabuse uses hypnotized victims and the surveillance equipment of a Nazi-era bugged hotel to steal nuclear technology from a visiting American industrialist. Read More »

Orson Welles – Mr. Arkadin [The Comprehensive Version] (1955)

‘Guy Van Stratten, American smuggler, leaves an Italian prison term with one asset, a dying man’s words about wealthy, mysterious Gregory Arkadin. Guy finds it most pleasant to investigate Arkadin though his lovely daughter Raina, her father’s idol. To get rid of Guy, Arkadin claims amnesia about his own life prior to 1927, sending Guy off to investigate Arkadin’s unknown past. Guy’s quest spans many countries and eccentric characters who contribute clues. But the real purpose of Guy’s mission proves deadly; can Guy himself survive it?’
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Seth Holt – Station Six-Sahara (1963)

‘At an isolated oil pumping station deep in the African desert, workers Kramer, Fletcher, Macey, Martin, and Santos are tense, lonely, and love-starved. A little excitement unexpectedly comes into their lives when they rescue a couple, Jimmy and Catherine, from a wreck. While Jimmy is bed-ridden with his injuries, Catherine flirtatiously arouses passions and inflames simmering resentments among the oil crew.’
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