Pierre Brasseur

  • Mauro Bolognini – Il Bell’Antonio AKA Bell’ Antonio (1960)

    1951-1960ArthouseDramaItalyMauro Bolognini

    PLOT: A newly wedded and extremely handsome young bourgeois Antonio faces a scandal in a city of Sicily in 1950’s when the public and her family hears that his beautiful wife is still “untouched” after their 12-month long marriage.Read More »

  • Georges Franju – La tête contre les murs AKA Head Against the Wall (1959) (HD)

    Georges Franju1951-1960DramaFrance

    An intense study of the clash between medical ideals, the first full-length work from Georges Franju is a gripping examination of postwar psychiatric care, boasting a memorable cast including Pierre Brasseur, Anouk Aimée, Charles Aznavour, Paul Meurisse, and Jean-Pierre Mocky.
    Mocky plays François Gérane, an aimless young man whose delinquent tendencies cause his father to have him committed to a psychiatric ward. There, under the cold command of Dr. Varmont (Brasseur), he finds himself fighting for his dignity, sanity, and freedom, barely holding on through the new-found love of his girlfriend Stephanie (Aimée) and the promise of rival Dr. Emery’s (Meurisse) more humane techniques.Read More »

  • Jean Grémillon – Lumière d’été (1943)

    1941-1950DramaFranceJean Grémillon

    A shimmering glass hotel at the top of a remote Provençal mountain provides the setting for a tragicomic tapestry about an obsessive love pentangle, whose principals range from an artist to a hotel manager to a dam worker. Scripted by Jacques Prévert and Pierre Laroche, the film was banned from theaters for the duration of the occupation for its dark portrayal of the hedonistic excesses of the ruling class. Today, it is often singled out as Jean Grémillon’s greatest achievement. Written by AnonymousRead More »

  • Claude Autant-Lara – Vive Henri IV… vive l’amour! (1961)

    1961-1970Claude Autant-LaraComedyFrance

    In his 56th year, King Henri IV, Count of Navarre, is having problems with his wife, Marie de Medicis. Marie has many reasons to be jealous of the king’s two mistresses, Jacqueline de Bueil and Henriette d’Entrague, particularly as the latter has borne him children. One day, Henri makes a big decision. He will put a definitive end to his amorous liaisons and instead live a more quiet life. Alas, the king’s resolutions never last long. At a dance organised by the queen, Henri cannot help noticing the ravishing Charlotte de Montmorency. Although Charlotte is officially engaged to a man named Bassompierre, the king is determined to take her as his mistress and contrives a plan. He will invite Bassompierre to marry another lady, which he surely cannot refuse to do if he is to remain faithful to the king. He will then marry Charlotte to the Prince de Condé, a young man who prefers horses to women. Henri is sure that Condé will have no objection to him making overtures to his wife. Even a king can make mistakes…Read More »

  • Abel Gance – La Tour de Nesle AKA Tower of Nesle (1955)

    1951-1960Abel GanceDramaFrance

    from filmsdefrance.com:
    Paris, 1315. The Tour de Nesle, a guard tower on the banks of the Seine, has become a symbol of mystery and fear. Each morning, at its base, the bodies of handsome young aristocrats are found floating in the river, all butchered by sword or arrow. One evening, two noblemen, Buridan and Philippe d’Aulnay, find themselves in the infamous tower, lured there on the expectation of a night of unbridled passion. Little do they realise that they are to be the next victims of a woman who is determined to take revenge against all men – Margaret of Burgundy, the present Queen of France. Although Philippe is killed, Buridan escapes, and intends to blackmail the Queen. Unless she makes him her prime minister, he will expose her crimes to Philippe’s brother and her husband, King Louis X. When she moves to eliminate Burdan, Margaret makes a terrible discovery…Read More »

  • Maurice de Canonge – Grisou AKA Les hommes sans soleil (1938)

    1931-1940DramaFranceMaurice de Canonge

    Femme fatale Madeleine Robinson is married to Raymond Aimos, a coal miner with a face like a pickled walnut and a libido to match. She wants some action, and what she can’t get from her impotent husband, she looks for elsewhere, first with his best friend Pierre Brasseur, then with his boss Lucien Gallas, who is also dating Brasseur’s kid sister Odette Joyeux.Read More »

  • André Cayatte – Les amants de Vérone (1949)

    André Cayatte1941-1950DramaFranceRomance

    A film crew is shooting an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in Venice. Bettina Verdi, the leading actress, visits a glass factory in Murano with her guide Raffaele. One of the glassblowers, Angelo, is mesmerized by Bettina, so much so that he joins the cast as Romeo’s double just so that he can see her again. On the film set, Angelo meets Georgia, who is Juliet’s double. Georgia lives in a Venetian palace with her father Ettore and brother Amedeo. Both are hiding from justice after the fall of Fascism. Raffaele is in love with Georgia and does what he can to help her family. But when he realises that Georgia loves Angelo, Raffaele is outraged and decides to have his revenge. He will choose his moment carefully…Read More »

  • Marcel Carné – Les portes de la nuit AKA Gates of the Night (1946)

    1941-1950ClassicsDramaFranceMarcel Carné

    ‘In February 1945, Jean Diego is tasked with breaking the news to the wife of a friend of his, Pierre, that her husband has been executed by the Nazis. It turns out that he is mistaken – his friend is still very much alive. After a happy reunion, Jean goes on his way and has a bizarre encounter with a weird old tramp on the Paris metro.The bedraggled stranger claims he can foresee the future and prophecies that Diego is about to encounter the most beautiful girl in the world.Read More »

  • Mauro Bolognini – Il bell’Antonio (1960)

    1951-1960DramaItalyMauro Bolognini

    Women love handsome Antonio because they think of him as the perfect lover. But he has problems to fullfill this ideal and Barbara only notices his failures when they are married. When the town learns about his trouble they start laughing at him…Read More »

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