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Pierre Clémenti – Souvenirs souvenirs (1967-1978)

Homemade footage of parties, travel and everyday life. With Etienne O’Leary, Catherine Deneuve; the filming of “Idoles”, by Marc’O; Bulle Ogier, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Philippe Garrel; the filming of “Lit de la Vierge” … Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – La deuxième femme (1978)

A series of intimate diaries, starting from daily encounters. We experience Bulle Ogier and Viva, Nico and Tina Aumont, Philippe Garrel and Udo Kier, a performance by Béjart, a piece by Marc’O, concerts by Bob Marley and Patti Smith. It’s like a maelstrom of psychedelic images that are passed through a particle accelerator. Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – Visa de censure n°X (1967)

Shot in 1967 but not released until 1975, actor Pierre Clémenti’s acid-infused experimental whirlwind of color and music featuring a who’s who of the French 60s underground. Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – Positano (1969)

Positano is an island of the Amalfi Coast that Neptune would have, according to legend, created for the love of a nymph. And it is of love that this film speaks above all, a total and solar love in which family and friends are seized in the same poetic field. Perched on the rocks of the island, the house of Frédéric Pardo and Tina Aumont became in 1968 a meeting place for the underground community. Pierre Clémenti stays there for a while and makes images of dazzling sensuality. Beyond Pierre Clémenti’s intimate love of these faces and bodies often naked in this Mediterranean landscape, the film reveals the moving beauty of a utopia where living together could still be achieved in a territory of sharing and permanent creation. Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – New Old (1979)

“Chronicles of the Present Times” – An experimental trilogy comprising ‘Visa De Censure No.X’, ‘Livre De Famille’ and ‘Anima Mundi’. New Old flows together footage from more than a decade of his wandering between scenes, sets, and drugs, an accelerated world tour through various iterations of the counterculture. Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – Soleil (1988)

Pierre Clémenti’s Soleil presents a psychedelic meditation on his life and his detention in an Italian Prison in 1972.

Letterboxd review
★★★½ Watched by Macchiato 16 Apr 2020

Quite hypnotic even without subtitles, seems like an ode to acid tripping. One of those works of accidental beauty. Read More »

Pierre Clémenti – À l’ombre de la canaille bleue AKA In the Shadow of the Blue Rascal (1986)

300 kilos of heroin have disappeared in Necrocity, a city of terror—a city of night—where Captain Speed has a gang and the government hides the dead. An experimental crime film considered to be a landmark of Parisian underground cinema. Read More »