Pierre-Loup Rajot

  • S. Pierre Yameogo – Moi et mon blanc AKA Me and My White Man (2003)

    Plot: Mamadi is struggling to complete a doctorate at a Parisian university after the government of his country has stopped paying his scholarship. Thanks to his acquaintances in the African community, he finds a job as night watchman in an underground car park. There, a French colleague, Franck, helps the friendly African academic getting around. However, the car park is also a meeting point for dubious characters, and when Mamadi accidentally wrecks a drug trafficking operation, Franck is really hard-pressed to put his pal and himself out of harm’s way. Wouldn’t Mamadi’s home country be the ideal place to escape the gangsters’ wrath?Read More »

  • Sébastien Lifshitz – Les Corps ouverts AKA Open Bodies (1998)

    Eighteen-year-old Rémi goes to a casting where the director appears to be drawn to his acting as much as his physique. Confused by his first experience, Rémi wanders around Paris in search of himself.

    Open Bodies is an unusually sensitive portrait of late adolescence with its half-formed desires and the tug of war between sexual curiosity and reticence. – Stephen Holden in The New York Times.Read More »

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