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Marek Piestrak – Wilczyca AKA The Wolf (1983)

The most important horror movie to come out of Poland, Wilczya is also one of the greatest ever werewolf depictions. Superb gothic horror. Unfortunately this atmospheric flick is not well-known abroad.The action of Wilczyca takes place in Poland in the ninetieth century. Maryna dislikes her husband, a Polish patriot named Kacper. Before her death,she curses him. Her evil is transformed not only into a young countess Julia, but also into the wolf… Wilczyca is definitely a Polish horror classic that reminds me of Hammer productions.The film is loaded with traditional genre elements like tombs or silver bullets.The climax is surprisingly gory and the mood is quite sensual. Read More »

Magnus von Horn – Sweat (2020)

This insightful drama about loneliness and insecurity in the digital age chronicles three days in the candy-colored life of social media celebrity Sylwia Zajac. The beloved fitness instructor preaches positivity and acceptance to her 600,000 followers as she documents her every move, thought, and feeling. To the dismay of her sponsors, she holds back nothing from her fans—from her desire for a boyfriend to her family squabbles—and a video of her breaking down in tears goes viral. Will the sudden appearance of a stalker prompt Sylwia to reconsider her choices? Stage actress Magdalena Kolésnik delivers a mesmerizing turn as the self-obsessed internet star, exposing what it means to live a life online. Read More »

Jan Komasa – Sala samobójców. Hejter AKA The Hater (2020)

A young man searches for purpose in a net of hatred and violence that he tries to control. Read More »

Sharon Lockhart – Podwórka AKA Backyards (2009)

Sharon Lockhart’s new film, Pódworka, takes as its subject matter the courtyards of Lodz, Poland, and the children that inhabit them. A ubiquitous architectural element of the city, Lodz’ courtyards are the playgrounds of the children that live in the surrounding apartment buildings. Separated from the streets, they provide a sanctuary from the traffic and commotion of the city. Yet far from the overdetermined playgrounds of America, the courtyards are still very much urban environments. In six different courtyards throughout the city of Lodz, we see parking lots, storage units, and metal armatures become jungle gyms, sandboxes, and soccer fields in the children’s world. A series of fleeting interludes within city life, Pódworka is both a study of a specific place and an evocation of the resourcefulness of childhood. (lockhartstudio.com) Read More »

Sharon Lockhart – Rudzienko (2017)

Sharon Lockhart’s film Rudzienko was shot over two years in collaboration with the residents of the Youth Center for Sociotherapy in Rudzienko, Poland. Building on the relationship she established in 2009 with Milena, who later moved to the center, Lockhart conceived of a series of workshops to empower the young women. The group worked together to develop dialog and movements to be enacted on camera based on their collective activities. The resulting film features a range of conversations, from the philosophical to everyday teenage concerns, and depicts actions both theatrical and mundane that voice the girls’ rich humanity. The Polish-language film proposes an innovative approach to the relationship between image and language by offsetting the spoken conversations with their written translations. (lockhartstudio.com) Read More »

Andrzej Wajda – Pokolenie AKA A Generation (1955)

A Generation is set in Wola, a working-class section of Warsaw, in 1942 and tells the stories of two young men at odds with the Germans occupation of Poland. The young protagonist, Stach (Tadeusz Łomnicki), is living in squalor on the outskirts of the city and carrying out wayward acts of theft and rebellion. After a friend is killed attempting to heist coal from a German supply train, he finds work as an apprentice at a furniture workshop, where he becomes involved in an underground communist resistance cell guided first by a friendly journeyman there who in turn introduces Stach to the beautiful Dorota (Urszula Modrzyńska). An outsider, Jasio Krone (Tadeusz Janczar), the temperamental son of an elderly veteran, is initially reluctant to join the struggle but finally commits himself, running relief operations in the Jewish ghetto during the uprising there. Read More »

Andrzej Munk & Witold Lesiewicz – Pasazerka AKA Passenger (1963)

From culture.pl:
Lisa and Walter, a German couple, travel from America to Europe on a transatlantic liner. He is an employee of an international organization, and she hides – even from him – her past as a guard of the Auschwitz concentration camp. In London, a mysterious passenger who reminds Lisa (an outstanding performance by Aleksandra Śląska) of one of the camp prisoners, Marta (played by Anna Ciepielewska, whose performance was awarded at the International Film Festival in Los Alamos), boards the ship. Memories that had long been repressed slowly resurface. Read More »