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Barbara Sass – Pajeczarki AKA The Spider Women (1993)

Two sisters, a journalist and a student, are struggling with financial problems. They decide to save their budget by stealing from wealthy men. They break into their apartments through windows in order to realize their American dream.. Read More »

Stanislaw Rózewicz – Wolne miasto AKA Free City (1958)

The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

Wikipedia wrote:
It was the first Polish film about September 1939. The director presented the drama of a group of civilians – employees of the Polish Post Office in the Free City of Gdańsk – caught up in the gears of great history. Fragments of archival film footage of the attack on the post office add authenticity to the film. Read More »

Joanna Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze – Papusza (2013)

‘Papusza’ is a film based on a dramatic story of Bronislawa ‘Papusza’ Wajs – the first Romani poet, who wrote down their poems. It is also a story about the meeting between two poets: Papusza and a Polish poet Jerzy Ficowski, who noticed her great talent, encouraged to record her works and who then translated them into Polish. In 1956 Papusza’s first poetic book was published. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of a third poet, Julian Tuwim. Papusza’s songs permanently enriched Polish culture, providing it with an insight into the Roma soul. Read More »

Stanislaw Lenartowicz – Zimowy zmierzch AKA Winter Twilight (1957)

Winter Twilight by Stanislaw Lenartowicz is one of the films that presaged the emergence of the Polish Film School as a recognised and independent trend. Shot in 1956, it had its premiere on 1 February 1957, three months before the screening of Kanal/They Loved Life by Andrzej Wajda at Cannes. If we were to analyse the film using the most frequently applied criterion for distinguishing works of the school – provoking audience awareness by raising topics concerned with recent history – Lenartowicz’s debut would hardly pass this benchmark. However, if we consider the Polish School to be a complex artistic formation of diverse films created by directors debuting on the verge of a cultural breakthrough – the October 1956 phenomena that was characterised by expressive direction and widespread divergence from the established poetics of social realism – Winter Twilight should be recognised as one of it most important precursory works. Read More »

Kazimierz Kutz – Milczenie (1963)

A young boy is accused of attempting to murder a local priest. When the boy gets hurt in an accident, the townspeople are not willing to give him a hand. Read More »

Marek Koterski – Baby sa jakies inne (2011)

Baby sa jakies inne (2011)

Two middle-aged male friends are travelling together by car and expressing their thoughts and emotions connected with women. Read More »

Magnus von Horn – Sweat (2020) (HD)

A beloved fitness influencer seemingly has it all: thousands of social media followers, endorsement deals and photo spreads in magazines. However, as she starts to share more and more online, the rising pressure from concerned sponsors and increasingly obsessive fans forces her to confront her deepest insecurities. Read More »