Polly Moran

  • Edward Sedgwick – The Passionate Plumber (1932)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyEdward SedgwickUSA

    Elmer Tuttle, a plumber in Paris, is enlisted by beautiful Patricia Alden to help her make her lover Tony Lagorce jealous. Tony, however, is two-timing Patricia with Nina Estrados. Elmer, with the help of his friend Julius, hopes to use the high-society contacts he’s made with Patricia to find a market for his new invention, a pistol with a range-finding light. But Elmer’s attempts to interest a military leader are mistaken for assassination attempts, and with Tony and half the male uppercrust of France challenging Elmer to duels, he is in hot water not even his plumbing skills can drain away.Read More »

  • Paul Sloane – Down to Their Last Yacht aka Hawaiian Nights (1934)

    1931-1940ComedyMusicalPaul SloaneScrewball ComedyUSA


    Review by mark.waltz at IMDb:

    A campy shipboard musical

    A family of bluebloods made destitute by the depression are scammed into leasing out their yacht and posing as crew to tacky “new money”, one of whom is their former cook. The scam turns out to be a plot by the gruff captain (Ned Sparks, the Walter Matthau of his day) to shipwreck them on a desert island run by a madcap queen (Mary Boland) and escape with their money. Of course, things go afoul as the queen has plans of her own.Read More »

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