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Eryk Rocha – Transeunte AKA Passerby (2010)

Story of Expedito, a retired man who walks through or passes by the streets of Río de Janeiro, Brazil. His reality is shared among millions of Brazilians that gain an invisibility status in the metropolis. Expedito turned into an anonymous, witness of the random conflicts that happens everyday at the streets. Read More »

    Carlos Diegues – Quilombo (1984)

    Palmares was a 17th-century quilombo, a settlement of escaped slaves in the mountains of northeast Brazil. The story follows a group of plantation slaves, among them Abiola (Tony Tornado), who revolt in 1650 during the Dutch-Portuguese War (1601-1661) and escape to the mountains and the city of Palmares, where they join other former slaves who have already been living there peacefully and autonomously. On arrival, Abiola suggests that Palmares trade with a friendly squatter. Read More »

      João Pedro Rodrigues – Turdus merula Linnaeus, 1758 (2020)

      From 7 to 25 April, 18 days of confinement during which a male blackbird takes care and guarantees the safety of its young, until they release the nest. Read More »

        Carlos Diegues – Tieta do Agreste AKA Tieta of Agreste (1996)

        Just when her family starts believing that she is dead, and that they can expect a rich heritage, Tieta returns from São Paulo to her native village in Bahia, which she had been forced to leave long ago because of some involvement with a goat herd. Believed to be fabulously rich – and nobody knows how – she brings to the great disappointment of her family a young step-daughter and heir. With the arrival of Tieta turmoil enters into the life of her family and their fellow villagers. Most particularly into the life of her nephew – promised to the Church – and the young aspiring mayor. Read More »

          Júlio Bressane – Filme de Amor (2003)

          The pleasure, where it does not end

          Love is also time suspended by the word, the language – Portuguese in this case – which invites itself into the body, which hypnotizes them and returns them to a happy flesh. All of Bressane’s staging can be found there, all of this surprising and obvious invention, that is to say alive. In its rhythm, in its editing, in its ruptures, its winks and even its obscurities which we know all come out of the same passion …
          A triangle – three beings – suspended in desire, a desire that hangs on all their gestures. Read More »

            Gonçalo Tocha – É na Terra não é na Lua (2011)

            Documentary about the ordinary life of an isolated civilization in the middle of the ocean, on Corvo Island.

            Em 2007, um homem-câmara e um homem-som chegam à Ilha do Corvo, a mais pequena dos Açores. Em pleno Atlântico, o Corvo é um rochedo alto, medindo 6km por 4km, com uma cratera de vulcão e uma única vila de 440 pessoas. Gradualmente, a equipa de rodagem é aceite por uma civilização com quase 500 anos de vida mas com poucos registos e memória escrita. Read More »

              Rita Azevedo Gomes – A Portuguesa AKA The Portuguese Woman (2018)

              In Rita Azevedo Gomes’ A PORTUGUESA, war and love are the absolute values that define the conflict between man and woman. The film is an adaptation of a short story by Robert Musil, as filtered through the spirit of Agustina Bessa-Luis, frequent collaborator of Manoel de Oliveira. Clara Riedenstein plays the enigmatic, unnamed, obstinate, and intelligent protagonist – a woman who, after marrying von Ketten, travels to his country and spends eleven years waiting for his return from war. A PORTUGUESA is a film about patience, stoicism, and strategy that puts in crisis the very notion of action. Read More »