Richard Allan

  • José Bénazéraf – Le Port aux Putes (1984)

    1981-1990ComedyEroticaFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    Three French prostitutes, finding the harbor docks too chilly for their scanty outfits, recess to a nearby arcade. One of them (Michelle Villers) manages to attract the attention of a male there (John Oury), and the two head off to the French equivalent of a Japanese ‘love hotel’. The other two hookers (Laura May & Marianne Aubert) catch the eye of Gabriel Pontello while playing foosball. He leaves his pinball machine to instruct them on playing tips. Marianne is plucked from the scene by a male (Richard Lemieuvre) who just won some money playing horseshoes. Off they go to the same hotel but the only room available for them is the same room which is occupied by the first couple. They have finished and are dressing, but it is still a dilemma when the hotel clerk opens the door for Richard and Marianne.Read More »

  • José Bénazeraf – Du Foutre Plein Le Cul AKA Breaking And Entering(1984)

    1981-1990EroticaExploitationFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    In the South of France a naughty band of female cat burglars decides to rob a ritzy villa for kicks. Breaking and Entering, the girls discover a treasure trove of love toys and lingerie that proves to be a real party pleaser until the long, long arm of the law catches up with them. These gendarmes go for the gusto using their “nightsticks” to probe the girls for information. Then the owners of the villa show up and are mistaken as thieves but it really doesn’t matter. They seem to enjoy “the intrusion” even more then the girls do!Read More »

  • Claude Bernard-Aubert – Infirmières à tout faires AKA Young Head Nurses (1979)

    1971-1980Claude Bernard-AubertEroticaFrance

    Two men are secretly investigating a clinic in a remote area near Paris in which the nurses are rumored to provide special, non-medical services to their patients. When the men are discovered, they flee to Paris with several of the nurses in hot pursuit. Soon they discover that although they can run, they cannot hide.

    This film is also known as Les suceuses.Read More »

  • Claude Bernard-Aubert – L’Initiation d’une femme mariée (1983)

    1981-1990Claude Bernard-AubertEroticaFrance

    Simon and Babeth are seemingly happy couple, but she is not very interested in sex, while he is the opposite. He has sex with his secretary, his older downstairs neighbor, and friend Victoria, as well as other mistresses. But Babette becomes suspicious and follows him to a hotel where he books a room to make love to one of his mistresses. She books the adjoining room and manages to spy on them. This turns her on and Simon persuades her to get involved in the swinging scene with the help of his friend Victoria, but first he takes her to watch the goings on in the Bois de Boulogne and persuades her to give him a public blow job. They attend a club échangiste run by France Lomay, and several orgies, finally holding one themselves.Read More »

  • Claude Bernard-Aubert – Chambres d’amis tres particulieres (1983)

    1981-1990Claude Bernard-AubertEroticaFrance

    The mansion that a young couple inherits has been, they find, a center for sophisticated depravity. They get immersed in voyeurism and hedonistic love triangles with their willing servants. Eventually the entire household, including the guests at a formal dinner party, get caught up in the antics.Read More »

  • Jean Rollin – Apothéose Porno (1976)

    1971-1980ComedyEroticaFranceJean Rollin

    Mid 1970’s Jean Rollin porn opus which is credited to one of his many pseudonyms, Michel Gand. His involvement with this film varies upon the source material but I think his influence can be seen in the finished product. In the context of his hardcore film output.
    The film begins with Élisabeth Buré, in her brunette phase, getting ready to dress while being watched by Richard Lemieuvre on the bed. this proceeds to sex. Catherine Castel is waiting impatiently in another room. She goes to investigate and joins in for awhile then leaves. Guy Royer arrives and he and Catherine Castel have sex on a couch while watching a porn film. Frequent intercutting occurs between the film within a film and what is going on on the couch.Read More »

  • Alan Vydra – Happening AKA Les soumises (1981)

    1981-1990Alan VydraEroticaGermany

    Carolyn Grace has an older husband who insists she wear very old-fashioned night clothes and is obviously unexciting in bed. She has lots of fantasies, triggered by chance events and encounters.Read More »

  • Claude Bernard-Aubert – Les nymphomanes AKA The Nymphomaniacs (1980)

    1971-1980Claude Bernard-AubertEroticaFrance

    Matthieu has affairs with three women at the same time: a married woman, a stewardess and a nurse. He manages to keep them separate and secret from each other with the help of his maid Marinette. The is the French erotic version of the Hollywood comedy Boeing, Boeing (John Rich: 1965).Read More »

  • Alain Payet – Scrabble Partouzes (1979)

    Alain Payet1971-1980EroticaFrance

    Each person makes a sex-related word on a scrabble board and then some of the participants enact it. Finally Marilyn Jess makes the word ‘partouze’ and there is an orgy.Read More »

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