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William A. Berke – Roaring City (1951)

A private detective gets hired for two jobs: the first is to bet on a fighter in a fixed boxing match, and the second is to pose as a woman’s husband. Read More »

Sam Newfield – Fingerprints Don’t Lie (1951)

Definite Grade B. The last in the Forgotten Noir Volume 6 series. For desperate viewers.

The killing of Mayor Palmer (Forrest Taylor) is being placed on Paul Moody (Richard Emory) by fingerprint expert Jim Stover (Richard Travis) as Moody’s prints were found on the murder weapon. When reporter Brad Evans (Rory Mallison) places doubt in Stover’s mind that the fingerprints were Moodys, he decides to investigate further with the help of the mayor’s daughter Carolyn (Sheila Ryan). Read More »

Harold Young – Spy Train (1943)

Plot Synopsis:
A reporter recognizes some Nazi spies on a train and soon realizes that they’re after a particular piece of luggage. Little does any of them suspect that the contents of that bag may be the death of everyone on board! Read More »

D. Ross Lederman – The Last Ride (1944)

A police lieutenant sets out to break up a ring of tire bootleggers–criminals who sell defective tires to customers who can’t get new ones because of the rubber shortage brought about by the war. His task is complicated by the fact that his brother is mixed up in the racket and that they are both in love with the same girl. Read More »

William C. Thomas – Big Town After Dark (1947)

After replacing ace police reporter Lorelei Kilbourne (Hillary Brooke) at her uncle’s newspaper, a young gambling addict named Susan (Ann Gillis) is kidnapped and held for ransom. When Lorelei investigates the girl’s disappearance, she stumbles upon a web of dark secrets. Full of mystery, intrigue and romance, William C. Thomas’s classic crime drama co-stars Phillip Reed, Richard Travis and Vince Barnett. Read More »