Richie Jen

  • Johnnie To – Dyut meng gam aka Life Without Principle (2011)

    Johnnie To2011-2020CrimeHong KongThriller
    Dyut meng gam (2011)
    Dyut meng gam (2011)

    Plot / Synopsis
    Hong Kong auteur and Festival favourite Johnnie To returns with Life Without Principle, a suspenseful drama starring Denise Ho, Lau Ching Wan and Richie Jen. The film takes a hard look at Hong Kong’s money-obsessed culture through three characters whose destinies collide one fateful day.

    Teresa, a customer service manager at a bank, is under pressure to make her sales quota with a high-risk investment fund. Although she knows the sale is only for the bank’s benefit, she pitches it to some of her clients, including a shady loan shark and a clueless housewife.Read More »

  • Pou-Soi Cheang – Yi ngoi aka Accident (2009)

    2001-2010AsianHong KongPou-Soi CheangThriller

    A self-styled “accident choreographer,” the Brain is a professional hit man who kills his victims by trapping them in well crafted “accidents” that look like unfortunate mishaps but are in fact percectly staged acts of crime. After one mission accidentally goes wrong, causing the life of one of his men, the Brain is convinced that this accident has been choreographed, someone is out there to terminate him and his team. He becomes increasingly paranoid when he discovers that a mysterious insurance agent Fong is somewhat related to one of the “accidents” he has staged, the Brain becomes obssessed that this man must be the mastermind behind a conspiracy to take him out. To regain his sanity and to save his life, he must strive to kill Fong before he makes his next move.Read More »

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