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Milton Moses Ginsberg – Coming Apart (1969)

From Amos Vogel’s Film as a Subversive Art:
This powerful, unsettling film elevates voyeurism to its central element in a series of raw sexual encounters reflected in an apartment mirror, from which a hidden camera records its images. The lustful sex turns increasingly pathetic and the mirror is finally smashed in despair. The “playing” on reality — the entire film is staged, the mirror thus reflecting a double illusion — is eminently modern and structural, as is the camera’s passive immobility, with action at times leaving the frame or the film “running out”. Read More »

Daryl Duke – Payday (1973)

Rip Torn stars as Maury Dann, a mid-level country singer on a tour through the south. The road is Maury’s playground, and he liberally indulges in drugs, alcohol, and sexual relations with the willing women he finds along the way. But when the angry boyfriend of a woman with whom he’s had a liason with spots Maury in a restaurant, suddenly he has a bigger problem than just making sure that he gets paid. Torn turns in a strong performance as the unscrupulous performer and does a fine job singing the Shel Silverstein-penned country tunes. Payday stands as a lost gem of early 1970’s American cinema. Read More »

Joseph Strick – Tropic of Cancer (1970)


In 1960s Paris, an expatriate American novelist (Rip Torn) still struggling to find his voice lives life to the fullest without much regard for his wife (Ellen Burstyn) as he embarks on a succession of sexual encounters with beautiful women. Adapted from Henry Miller’s controversial 1934 novel — which was banned in the United States for nearly 30 years — this passionate drama also stars James Callahan. Read More »