Rita Pereira Marques

  • João César Monteiro – Vai~E~Vem AKA Come and Go (2003)

    2001-2010ComedyJoão César MonteiroPortugal

    João Vuvu, a widower with no family, except for a son who is doing time for a double murder and an armed bank robbery, lives alone in his own, large, sunny house in an old wealthy neighborhood of Lisbon.
    Filmed as he was terminally ill, Come and Go is Monteiro’s minimal goodbye to a cinema—and a city, Lisbon—he loved. “João Vuvu” (Monteiro) is an elderly libertine who spends his days riding the creaking trams up and down Lisbon’s streets, feeding birds the wrong things in leafy-green parks, speaking alternately poetically, philosophically, and illicitly to the poorly paid women who clean his apartment, and discussing art, literature, politics, and more with various strangers and apparitions. Read More »

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