Robbie Coltrane

  • Tony Smith – Tutti Frutti [+ Extras] (1987)

    Drama1981-1990BBCTony SmithTVUnited Kingdom

    Legendary Scots rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Majestics find themselves in trouble on the eve of their 25th anniversary tour when their singer, Big Jazza, is killed in a car crash. But with the appearance of his younger brother, Danny, their problems appear to be over. If only it was that easy…

    Rock and roll mythologises itself as a rejuvenating rebel music, an image embodied by the Rolling Stones, who claim the music keeps them fired up and excited despite their advancing years. However, entry into the ranks of rock and roll originals has failed to bestow the same energising favours on The Majestics, Scotland’s very own (fictional) survivors of the 1960s beat boom.Read More »

  • Ken McMullen – Ghost Dance [+Extras] (1983)

    1981-1990ExperimentalKen McMullenPhilosophyUnited Kingdom

    ” Cinema plus Psychoanalysis equals the Science of Ghosts” – Jacques Derrida

    “At first I thought that ghosts would be forgotten in this new electronic age. But as things turn out, they began to use electronic gadgets for their own purpose. Now they often fly down telephone lines, jump on radio waves, and take you by surprise when you are listening to music. There are many recorded cases of ghosts appearing in electrical shops…”
    GHOSTDANCERead More »

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